Saturday, November 8, 2008

Bangkokbitch sick and getting the wrong pills

I am sick. No, I have been sick for nearly a week now. What started out as a common cold became really really weird. I got really strong coughs so I went to see the doctor at the hospital near my place. I must say, he was young and cute and also charming - but ultimately an IDIOT! because he prescribed me medication costing 1900bht (60US$) that f***ed up my brain! This medication is called "romilar" and is supposed to suppress the urge to cough, e.g. altering your brain functions so it doesnt think you need to cough. Now the first night when I took this medication I slept at 3am. That's not ideal when you are sick. The second night (yesterday) I went to see james bond with boyfriend and slept at 2am. Again, not ideal when sick. The problem is that this medication raises my alertness to a very high point, it makes me stare at things, it makes me hyperactive, it puts me into a drunk-alike state....and this is scary. I dont like the cute doctor anymore because he gave me very very strong medicine without even warning me! How could he do that? I read on an internet site that a high dosage of this medication can lead to out-of-body experiences and hallucination.....scary shit.

The source of all evil!!! These little yellow tablets!

I just wanna say that I think that here in Thailand strong medication is given out too easily...beware!!! and inform yourself about the medication you get!!!

In the meantime, lets hope this cold goes away soon.....and lets hope I am coming down from my high state induced by that evil, evil "romilar"


Rusty said...

haha pass them to that I can party all night long!!!

BB said...

rusty! I have put them away so I cant reach them can come and get them...judging by your picture I wouldnt mind at all:P

Anonymous said...

You don't need such expensive medicines for a cold. Just some tea sweetened with honey to sooth your throat. And a loving BF to tuck you in bed and put a cool hand on your burning brow. - Ian

BB said...

EXACTLY Ian. I have come to the same conclusion...and it's all here....just need to be patient:)

TAO said...

Out of body experience for $60? WOW! You need to save those so when you are feeling better! :)

Hope you are feeling better!