Thursday, November 20, 2008

Gay update from the Island

I am on the island and even though the “resort” here officially proclaimed that they have WIFI, they of course don’t. Wonderful. But it’s ok after all. I am reading, swimming, watching movies, reading, talking my classmate (but she left now, so I am talking to this middle-aged English couple), and of course checking out the local boys.
Since I am officially trying to let go of the Thai ideals of beauty and inhibitions towards non-television-style people, I am also checking out the country-boys. I must say, I find it somehow really hot to think about sex with countryside guys. I mean, they have possibly never had sex with a guy and most probably never with a foreigner. They don’t have the complicated mindset of a Bangkokboy and questions such as “are you top or bottom (and if we are both bottom or top we can only be “friends”)” do not appear. Countryside people are more easy-going and curious.
So, what does the little resort have to offer? Quite a few young boys who clean up, serve food and carry bags and because there are practically no guests, they have nothing to do and just lie around lazily in the hammock or in front of the TV. But until today, when my (girl)friend left, about 120% of all the people thought that we were a couple, after all what does a Thai girl and a foreign guy do together on an island? Well, now she’s gone and I can see the difference already. The boy that I thought was cute acknowledged me today. I walked to my room and he was walking down the lawn on the other side. He looked, I looked and we both smiled. Then, later, I walked past the TV-sala (sala is Thai for a pavilion), he acknowledged me again and gave me a big smile. Also, he had a new hair-do. Some sort of 3-dimensional hair. I am staying 2 more nights, so let’s see...the boy is shy and too young – but flirting is more than half of the fun. And I will get that part of the fun for sure!


Anonymous said...

Laze in a hammock all day? Cute boys with nothing to do? How can I get a job there? - Ian

Anonymous said...

Ko samet or? Can you recommend the resort?

BB said...

nono not koh samet. honestly i cant really recommend the resort. it wasnt very good but I guess pretty ok for its price. (1800/room/night)