Saturday, November 1, 2008

bangkokbitch and public toilets

but first, something else: I now have a boyfriend. I need to explain this a little. Before I came to Bangkok, I lived in farangland with this Korean man. We were together for 2 years and lived together sharing the same house, bed and everything else for one year. The end-result...I broke up and we moved apart. Then, on a fine day in June, he called me: "xxx, I booked a flight to Bangkok on October 13, I am coming to live here for 10 months." UGH.....I was shocked. To cut the story short, we are back together. I hate that phrase. It's associated with losers who cant make up their mind and are too useless to move on from someone and too lazy to get a life beyond the comfort of the boyfriend. This is different though...and I will elaborate on this soon and discuss things as "second chances", the (im?)possibility of a relationship in gay Bangkok and my own feelings of course...stay tuned.

Well....the "newlyboyfriended" bangkokbitch is still touring bangkok, which means there are some gay things bound to happen. And yesterday (lets include friday night too) was a gaygaygay day. I dont know why but it actually scares and annoys me. Back in the faranglands where I lived, when I met people I liked, the BIG question always propped up: Is he gay? Here in bangkok, it's more like you need to come out if you are straight, and my straight (girl)friends are complaining: "there are no real men around." I agree. Friday night at the worldfilm festival, screening of the Thai movie "A Moment in June" by O Nathapon: roughly 80% gays including the director, the actors and most of the public. In the Q&A session, one fag said: "I liked the movie and I think you are cute". What a superficial asshole. You can think that (and in fact it's true) but to say that was behaving like a 14yo teenie boyband crybaby. Then, a famous blogger that I dont want to mention here flirted with me in two different locations. Fast forward to yesterday: Went to RCA with two fag friends to watch a movie (with gay content of course). And I must say, I have never been to RCA but this place is weird and fascinating. I thought that this is a different city and I cant describe why but it felt like a place in a mid-sized sea town, such as pattaya (without the whores). Promptly, we went to Starbuck(s), which was gay-central (and also hosted several farang man-thai girl/lady couples (or mis-couples...dont know about that). Then I went to the "public toilet". One guy suddenly went in in front of me and another guy followed. Gosh.......I got out of there as quickly as possible.

Back in Silom, we had dinner in a restaurant in CP Tower (I believe). I saw about 27 gays and gay couples including the hunchback boy (a cute waiter noted for his hunched back) from Telephone Bar in Soi 4 with a roughly 35yo Asian man, who probably took him out for dinner before fucking the shit out of him later in a hotel room. Then I went to the toilet and guess was cruising central. Everyone eyeing everyone else including some guy going into the cublicle next to me only to make lots of noise with his belt....GOSH...I didnt pee and left the toilet hurriedly, only to be eyed by a middle-aged farang man. Then I went to get an HIV test at the community clinic in Bangkok Christian Hospital on Silom Road also. It was nice there. Lovely people, some gays around but they were not Silom gays...just normal gay people minding their business. That felt so wonderful that we can be gay next to each other without thinking about more...

Then we proceded to Khao San road - which is great big fun but not noted for its gayness. Well, we all got drunk on a 150Bht (5USD) BUCKED of some sort of drink prepared by a burmese bar boy. I then had to go to the toilet - already pretty drunk...burmese boy promptly showed me where it is, looked at me and said: you - me - two boys.....yes that is right, we are both boys/men....but what did THAT mean? That was all the gayness...and now I am wondering if I can ever go to a toilet again without being harassed...

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