Saturday, November 22, 2008

Gay update from the Island 2 - the RETURN

Well, well. Whereas I am already back in the ultra-gay territory of bangkok city, I need to update you on what else happened on the island - AND on the way back home.

Mister resort boy (I need to remind you, he is definitely too young for any real action and any serious considerations, plus I think he had an older brother there - and about 3 younger it's not advisable to flirt seriously) continued to eye me and we continued to smile at each other whenever we met. Then, on my last day I was watching a movie on my laptop (no porn, honey:P) in my sexiest yellow/orange/white undies lying on the bed with open curtains. resort boy was picking up leaves outside my room with his older brother. He was surprised to see me - and so was I. But we both managed to smile. Then he walked on, I looked back again and he bent back to catch another glimpse of me - and I caught him! Cute:) Later on he was cutting onions for the kitchen....cute cute. I will visit him again one day.

I was honestly sad to leave this place. Not really because of the resort boy. I liked the lovely people on the island. And even though I couldnt identify with the other farang on the island and the bangkok thais just snubbed me, I had a good time with the locals and a lovely english couple, just the age of my parents.
Boat driver in calm seas

On the way back, I had a freaking rollercoaster ride on the speedboat - for 3 hours instead of 1!!! and with a dozen silly and annoying europeans - some more annoying - some less. I like the dutch the most, very funny and ironic kinda people. The australians of europe, so to say. The german people next to me had the biggest mouth ever and got quieter towards the end - when they got sick. I then tried to help them get a cheap bus ride to their destination of choice - pattaya. They didnt take my offer (which would have saved them a lot) and instead went off - your loss. Anyway, opposite of me was this Swedish couple. He had long pony-tail hair, a beard and the longest and thinnest face I have ever seen. They complained at the hotel because the rooms were not "on the beach" - well what do you wanna do? sleep in the f***ing water, mister swede??? Anyway, his best feature by far were his cut jeans. they were as short as a miniskirt and therefore when he was sitting in the speedboat, one of his balls caught some fresh air - EWWWWWW!!! You know with ugly things, you need to look at it again and again!!!

Boat driver in strong winds - i love him, look at the flying hair!!
Anyway, there was a pretty thing on the boat too - the boat driver. I fell in love with him. I swear the waves were 2 metres high (that's high for such a small speedboat). But this young man just stoically kept his calm and rammed that freaking boat into the waves. He was a small guy but constantly looked into the distance with his long neck, concentrating on the next wave. And in the blowing wind, his long hair was flying beautifully. Wonderful.


Anonymous said...

Swedish meatballs - oh you poor thing. No wonder you're shell shocked. Better have a cup of tea, an asprin and a good lie down. And dream of resort boy and boatman. - Ian

BB said...

hahahaha, love that Ian. swedish meatballs. I quite like them....with the sauce and the berry jam!!
but you are right. boatman and resort boy's balls would be yummier.:p

Christian said...

Hello, great blog! I can share some similar experiences. I occasionally see Caucasians that have a part of belly exposed between shirt and trousers, sometimes I can even see their underwear. And even worse, when they sit or squat or knee down I can see the anal groove, what sometimes paralyses me for seconds. Some months ago, on my way to work, I saw a Japanese (I guess) running on a sports ground where I had ran previously. His hair was moving up and down, a gorgeous sight! (As straight men like watching bouncing boobs of running women.) I took a small detour to get a closer look; unfortunately, he took a break and then changed the direction. There were three things I that crossed my mind: go home to don my running clothes and join him, go onto the sports ground and ask him “are you running here and now?” (silly question, but I’ve no experience in dating), or go to work, which I did :-(. - Christian

BB said...

hey christian...thank you for your compliments:) I try my best...

I know the feeling when you see someone and it's like lightning hits you...and you are paralysed or walk towards the in trance...and then you leave the skytrain, or catch the bus, or walk around the corner and you'll never see the person again:)