Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Tuesday Evening in Bangkok

As I was in MBK, I walked past this:

I walked past it and read "top" and "bottom" and thought...sounds familiar. Then I turned around and looked at it again: wonderful! We now have prices. A "top" costs 1895THB and a "bottom" - o wonder - also 1895THB. That's what I call equality. Same same. I wish the top-bottom issue would matter that little to Thais, but we have covered that discussion already. Anyway, I think 1895THB (~60USD) is rather expensive. What does that include? Does it come with a warranty? I imagine the top would cum (oops) with a "cum-on-your-chest" warranty whereas the bottom would be sure to have a "tight-and-stimulating-hole". I thought the economic crisis and slump in tourist numbers would cause prices to fall. (e.g. less demand and same supply --> falling prices) but these laws dont seem to apply here:)
Then, on the BTS later I saw the moneyboy that I flirted with ages ago. I wrote about him before I think but never mind. He looked at me. I think he's quite cute actually. When we got to "Saladaeng" he got off (very predictable stuff here) and a few metres behind him: his sugadaddy. Gosh, why does this moneyboy have such an ugly partner.
Then, I felt very very tense in my neck - so I went for a massage. Now, I hear you think already: ohoooo, happy ending, cute boy, 1500BHT. NONO, not with bangkokbitch. I had a big and really really rough and quiet lady. That's perfect. I do feel a bit weird when she sits on my ass and rams her knee into my back and I cant feel her bulge - but then again she is a lady. Im sorry but normally, someone would proceed to fuck me if that position is taken.
Then I went to 7/11 and 7/11-boy was there!!! I had seen him a few days ago when I was with my boyfriend. And he did NOT like that. So, he tried to flirt me again and was quietly waiting for me to come over and talk to him. I played game, but only partly; gave him a huge smile, thought that he is actually cuter than I thought and happily walked home, not actually having to deal with dating problems anymore.
Then, I crossed the pedestrian bridge and while I was looking at the 7/11- shop, some guy walked past me and looked me in the eyes. He was a tiny guy, not femme, not pretty, not ugly, and he looked really tired. I was surprised, turned around and he did the same. I was confused, walked on, and turned around again - he did the same. AHHHHHH, wont these gays let me be for one second???


Anonymous said...

If you want gays to leave you alone dear, wear a Tee that says 'I'm actually a lesbian.' That will confuse them. - Ian

BB said...

well i forgot to write about the kathoey that was checking me out...she was very pretty. well...it gets dark at 6pm these days so tshirts wont do much. i guess i just need to try to look ugly:P

bkkdreamer said...

In Bangkok, everyone has hungry eyes...including the farang.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure that would prove very difficult for you to do. Now That's gallantry. - Ian