Thursday, November 27, 2008

Amazing Thailand

...and I thought life with a boyfriend in Bangkok would get boring. That thought was ridiculous.

Suvarnabhumi, a familiar place looks a bit different these days.

The world is bewildered about Thailand and its political standoff. I am not anymore of course, knowing a bit about Thai people and politics (only a bit though). While millions of travellers come to Thailand each year to see temples, the beaches, the sea, some of these travellers finally got to see what's below the shiny surface of the country. And I dont mean this negative. This country is truly amazing. I take it that everyone reading this blog knows that currently, an extra-parliamentary group called PAD (People's Alliance for Democracy) decided to walk to Suvarnabhumi, besiege it and take it under its control. The police was standing by idly but did not intervene. The thousands of passengers, among of course many Western travellers were bewildered. Some thought, the PAD (wearing yellow shirts) were football fans. I could watch on TV how just down the road at the airport, where I have been manymany times and know all the corners, Western travellers were angrily complaining. One American man was furious due to the fact that he was to miss Thanksgiving. Poor man. The pictures we get to see on BBC and CNN though are very misleading. It looks as if the city were on fire. Far from it, even at the airport, the siege seems more like a sit-in (much less violent than the 68 unversity sit-in's in Europe). Apparently, some people go around distributing food and water. Amazing. Well, in Thailand no one ever can go hungry. There's always some food around the corner and in the worst case, it will be offered. In the meantime, the Prime Minister is quickly running away to Chiang Mai. (Where else in the world can the Prime Minister not go to his capital and not step back??? I mean, you are supposed to be in charge of the country but you cant be in your capital...hello???) However, in this whole mess, there is no sense of urgency it seems. Thais are the most patient people that I have ever seen and the tourists should learn some of it! Lets see what happens, there's always a surprise in the air in "Amazing Thailand". If you want to be up to date, read the Bangkok Pundit's blog.

The "look tung" singer. I love his (gay) costume.

In the meantime, Bangkok does not stand still at all of course. As if nothing was going on, there was some party in my neighbourhood. Thais wouldnt let politics get in the way of a good celebration. There was food galore, "look tung" (Thai country style) music, dancing and shiny costumes and lots of happy faces. The Isan (Northeast region) boy singing was very pretty and he got many flowers to hang around his neck from admirers in the public. Then, I was watching this guy who was making "cha yen" (cold milk tea). He was artistically foaming and mixing the tea by pouring the liquid from one cup into an other. I took a picture. His friends spotted that and started making big big noise. He got very very shy. On the walk home I saw 7-11 guy in jeans and shirt. Gosh, he looks even better in non-7-11 uniform. He was disappointed I didnt talk to him.
Ultra-shy tea-pouring boy.

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