Tuesday, September 22, 2009

stupid illness

I have a really stupid illness called prostatis. Actually, I have this in some sorts for 1.5 years already. It's not the same illness as we men get when we get old, but the symptoms are similar.

Since the pain became like unbearable last week, I decided to go see a doctor. Before, I just thought it's all psychological....it wasnt.

The doctor stuck the finger in my butt, and in it went easily. He must have been surprised but I thought: "ha, you dont know how many things have been in there already"! ;)

He gave me antibiotics and anti-inflammatory medicine. Later that day I felt healed, but that only lasted for about 3-4 days. While on the heavy antibiotics, I picked up a throat infection, it couldnt get better...

A painful dick and a painful throat at the same time. I went to see the doctor again yesterday. He didnt check me but just prescribed me more medicine, so I need to go pee less. I refuse to take that medicine because it doesnt fight the disease.

Thai doctors are soooo notorious for just randomly giving out medicine, not checking people properly for symptoms and just assuming an illness because they have seen 100 people with similar problems before probably.

I read online that the treatment for my illness will last at least 4-6 weeks of heavy antibiotics, and will sometimes last for months, or even years. Yay. The doctor however seemed surprised I wasnt cured within a week.

I now face the same problem as fellow blogger bkkdreamer a few months ago. Doctor doesnt diagnose properly. We have the choice of going to a different hospital or keep complaining.

I went to Bangkok Hospital, now I am going to try Samitivej. I hear good things about it. I previously had a very good doctor at BH, but he wasnt specialised in Urology.

Nevertheless, I went to badminton tonight. It was fun, but I was only about at 60% of my normal strength. I still think that any farang who would love to have a healthy choice of gay Thais should go and play badminton.

I am not choosing, but there are always several good-looking and nice people playing, most of whom are gay.

The taxi driver was gay too for once. And he was only 30 years old (according to him). He was actually a very nice man from Saraburi. He was all over the moon when I told him I know the place.

He was very interested in farangs, but told me he thinks the girls are pretty. Bullshit I thought. He tried to ask me what kind of girl I liked, but I didnt feel like telling him I was gay. After what happened to me in Laos (the infamous penis-grabbing incident), I thought it's better to keep low profile...

I have also hear two scary stories recently. Yesterday, me and the office girls talked about taxis. They all hate them, because they feel unsafe, either because of the driver's style of driving - or much worse - because they fear of being assaulted.

My friends sister apparently had a driver jerking off in the taxi while she was in the care - alone with him. That is scary!!! We as men do not realise how scary this can be for women I think.

Another story which made me wonder was that of a friend of my bf's classmate (ok, that story can not be verified...) got caught by the police for something and taken to the station, where they gang-raped the man!!!

First, I thought....oooooo, might not be that bad, I have seen handsome policemen...but serious, that is horrible!!! And I immediately believe it.

Keep your heads low and dont do things like they do on that British TV series "Big Trouble in Tourist Thailand", ok?


Anonymous said...

Dear BB: You are right in what you read on line. Prostatitis is a chronic condition and needs to be treated by the right antibiotic for mnay weeks if not months. A culture of prostatic fluid is most desirable to rule out a chlamydia infection or other STD germs. You will be fine and then sick again for years if not properly treated. Be patient and keep taking antibiotics. After the acute face you should be in something like Doxycycline 100 mg/day for a couple of months.
Good luck, Fran

BB said...

thanks for the encouragement, I really need it, fran.

at the moment I am on cefspan 200 mg a day. feeling only 60% all the time. I suppose that's the fatigue from the antibiotic and my body fighting itself.

I only have a dosage for 5 more days though. I really think I should go see a doctor again (a different one).

Oh, and it might not even be a bacterial problem...

loads of questions...:)

Leon Koh said...

I am such a fan of your blog! keep it up!!!

BB said...

thank you very much leon. I will try to keep it up:)

Anonymous said...

Yes, see another doctor. Prostatitis is usually caused by germs, so you need antibiotics. Cefspan is a good acute treatment antibiotic, but it is best to follow it with a doxycycline for as few weeks/months once you are asymptomatic. If I was you, I would have a test for hepatitis B. It is very prevalent on south Asia and can be transmitted with the germs that cause prostatitis.
Take care, Fran

Was Once said...

Perhaps, you could use this to reflect on the fact that you are human and lucky for it not to be more serious. It can always be worse.

BB said...

Fran, apparently I have no bacterial infection...it could not be hep B because I had a vaccination against that. Next week I shall get an STD check just to be 100% sure, but I dont think it's any of these either...

was once: I am human and it could be worse that's right. Fact is, no one likes to be sick, and I, more than most other people, worry a lot when I am sick. Of course, it could be much more serious but like everyone else, I prefer to have good health.

Was Once said...

Well, when you see someone disabled you will know what is their head. Yes, we all prefer to be healthy ..and basically that everyone wants happiness.

BB said...

was once, of course you are essentially right, my worries are zilch compared to other people who suffer much more out there.

This argument can be a bit overused I think. If you meet someone with only one leg, you could tell him, well you should be happy you still have one, there are some with no legs at all...etc...you see, it can then get absurd.

But this is a personal blog, where I am writing about my own experience - and in this case - well-being (or not).

Happiness is an entirely different ball-game. In my case, I let my health influence my happiness too much. Other people get influenced by other factors, such as the weather.

When I was in Switzerland the last time, I encountered immensely grumpy people on one particular day. My friend commented: the weather's been bad for 5 days.

That only shows how complicated health and happiness is. I do not like when doctors tick off a list of symptoms and if you dont have it, then you are healthy, it's more complex than that...

Chris26 said...

Good luck! I usually go to Bumrungrak in BKK, quite luxurious, but (for thai conditions) not too cheap! (Merci für die email, by the way). LG Florian aus Genf.

Christian said...

Did you play Badminton first and discovered that there are lots of gays or was it vice versa? I come across a Netball Center and a Tennis court on my way to work and noticed that there is an exceptionally high concentration of East-Asians (the East is important as there are lots of Indians in the UK as well, but they are not my type). But fortunately I'm not as horny as to start a sport I'm not really interested in just to be among them.