Wednesday, September 9, 2009

gay phi phi?

Very natural, no?

Gosh it's already been a few days now since I have come back from Phi Phi.

I promised to write something about the gay side of our trip, so here we go.

When you arrive at Phi Phi, you think you landed in Ibiza, Mallorca or whatever pan-European party town.

Except for the Thai touts, they are probably the only thing that remind you that you are in Thailand, and not in Europe.

The tourists on the island are 90% Europeans. Most are young backpackers, on their 3-month tour of Southeast Asia, settling in whatever place offers cheap booze, good sex, an adventure and fun.

Some are also more discerning middle-aged couples (ALWAYS couples) who like to eat seafood on the beach and have a romantic getaway.

Phi Phi by night, nothing to write home about.

Me and the bf didnt fit in with any of these groups. I am too old to be a party-queen. In fact, I never was a party queen at all. I get drunk with friends to have a good chat, or even enjoying a great wine for the wine's sake.

In our hotel, we were the youngest people by about 20 years. It was a hotel for the "discerning" travellers. All couples from various European countries between the age of 38 and 42 (roughly).

I felt a bit out of place to be honest. Apparently the bf and me are mentally already 40...shriek!!!

The view from our hotel for the discerning 40-year old travellers

As we arrived at the hotel, a young man with neatly combed hair took both of our backpacks and walked us up the 80-or-so steps to our room. I asked him in Thai whether it was too heavy for him.

He answered: "I can not speak Thai sorry."

Oops. I was a bit surprised but quickly realised that the handsome young man is from Burma. He came into the room with us and showed us everything, while being really friendly and not ever stopping to smile.

A very charming man. I am sure he was gay and I have a feeling he liked me. The bf and me both agreed that he was cute. I am interested in Burmese men anyway, they have a special look.

As usual in hotels, more than one employees is gay. In our hotel, there was another boy (perhaps 15 years or so). He was way too young to be of any interest to us, but clearly gay too. When the farang men would serve themselves at the breakfast buffet, he would ogle them for minutes.

Otherwise, Phi Phi seems not very gay at all. Most travellers are as straight as an airport runway and I did not discover a lot of local gay culture at all. It was deemed to be a bit disappointing from a gay point of view.

So the boyfriend and me tried to make "good time" ourselves. While wandering aimlessly along a beach, the bf suggested to walk to the next bay and have sex.

So we kept walking...the next bay was dirty and full of rusty Singha cans, discarded flip-flops and even a Singaporean water bottle!

Beach with all sorts of plastic

We were still in plain sight of the main bay and some fishermen who waded through the shallow water. This was not the place to have sex.

So we kept walking over dangerously slippery rocks and sharp pieces of coral until we reached the trunk of a tree, slightly tucked away.

The sex beach

We sat down and started, know what boys like to do when they like each other. Most readers will now probably start to salivate...this is a porn-fantasy come true!

Sex on a beach in full daylight!!!! YEAAAAAAH!!!

But tell me, it's nothing to write home about. Sitting on a trunk is uncomfortable and it's hard to cum! Wearing tight swimming shorts is also not very good because its hard to take out the little friend...

Finally, it's absolutely no turn on for me to possibly be discovered....I know a lot of people find this thrilling, but I just really dont want anyone to walk up to me when I am having an orgasm!!!

In this case though, I was sure no one saw us. So it was kind of ok. After we each spread some little white dots on the trunk of the tree, we got up to walk back to the main beach.

Coming around the corner, three young farangs walked towards us, not very far at all from our sexy spot. 5 minutes longer and they would have discovered us!!!

And guess what, these three gays were faggots from California (their language, gym-toned bodies and attitude gave it away). I didnt care for them but if you like the farang porn-star look you would have gone crazy.

They saw that we are a fag couple too and must have wondered what we did in this odd and not very pretty spot...and I couldnt help wondering whether they were gay porn actors and were going to shoot a porn right where we did the same...

The questions will never be answered, since I dont watch farang porn anyway, but it was an odd coincidence nonetheless! Who knows, maybe they saw us!!!


Anonymous said...

I once had sex on a beach and it took me half an hour to find the car keys after they dropped from my pocket. My shorts had just been torn off and flung to one side. And not by me I might add.
So that spoiled the evening. That and getting grains of sand in places where they were never meant to go. So from then on, sex indoors and in comfort. How unadventurous. - Ian

franciscod said...

I can hardly think of a less romantic and less sensual and fulfillng place to have sex that the one you chose in Phi Phi. What was in it? J/O against a tree?

BB said...

Ian. I used to pay beach volleyball. the sand liked to go everywhere too...not a nice feeling.

francisco. what are you trying to say? that if we chose a more romantic, sensual and fulfilling place for my beach sex adventure, we will have a better experience? we are not stupid. we could both see this isnt a romantic place. it was just for the fun.

Anonymous said...

what? on rocky beach & tree trunks?

only seals & walruses do that!

BB said...

you choosy faggots.

Prkmk said...

your outdoor story is niceee ;D thanks for sharing. And did u take photo of your little-white-dot evidence? hehe

BB said...

prkmk. I forgot this the other faggots were coming around the corner...

Hedonist said...

I also found the gay life in Phi Phi non-existent on my trip. Luckily I went with someone.

I agree the atmosphere is a bit what you would find in any holiday resort and it's basically full of young western backpackers and then the more upscale ones a bit further away.

But I have to say the view from my cabin room was the best I've ever had, and that you won't find in most of the usual resorts. It would be different if you had been to Patong, that is just the bad parts of Phi Phi without the scenery and amplified...

BB said...

where there's hotels, there's gays, hedonist. As in our hotel, where at least 3 of the staff were gay. So if you are a bit ingenious and dont mind that some of the staff is very young, you can have a fun time:)

I was also there with someone, notably my boyfriend:) And I dont need partying faggots from London, Sydney and New York by the way...:)

But for Thailand, this was strangely un-gay. Actually, it was not Thailand at all - at least for me. If I go to Patong, Pattaya or Samui I would expect that, but I didnt expect it to be that bad on Phi Phi.

That was it for Thai beaches for me...adios:)

tintin023 said...

Great story :)
We are heading for Phi Phi in two days, so we are prepared :)