Friday, September 4, 2009

...big drama unfolds in BKK...

While surfing on, a gay contact and news-website, I came across a story titled: "HIV activist Nicholas Snow catches abusive Bangkok neighbour on video".

Have a look yourselves here.

Apparently, one fine day, Nicholas had an argument with his neighbour, and grabbed a camera to film the incident.

Have a look at the video here:

Judge for yourself what you think about this exchange.

While Nicholas' engagement for HIV+people in Thailand and in the world is laudable, I did find aspects of this clip a bit odd.

To me personally, it seems clear that there is some story between these two people. I dont want to judge Nicholas on his behaviour and neither the Thai neighbour. I wouldnt know how I would fare emotionally being HIV-positive, but it probably doesnt help to call your neighbour "asshole".

Equally curious is the fact that Nicholas thinks his neighbour knows that he is HIV+ from his profile on gayromeo. I dont know, but if you share online profiles with your neighbours it means you are somewhat involved with each other. It couldnt just be a random witch hunt, could it?

It's nevertheless scary that someone will go pull a kitchen knife, no matter how provoked you get.

If you want to read Nicholas' much-advertised explanation of the context within which this incident happened, visit his site.

It was quite interesting to read the reactions the article on got.

At the beginning, most commented on how moved and saddened they were by this verbal insult. Later however, more skeptical voices gained the upper hand, warning that we do not know the whole story, even accusing Nicholas of overly displaying and victimising himself.

Interestingly, it was predominantly elderly farangs who commented negatively about Snow's accusations.

I must say that, even though such comments may have substance, they reek of the "farang-farang envy", which is very strong in Bangkok.

It's a bit of a phenomenon that farangs look at each other with suspicion here. A lot of them think they have found paradise and every farang is a competitor who can destroy his paradise.

I used to think a little bit like this too at the beginning. I was new to a foreign place and intended to come here for a "different" experience. Seeing old foreigners with cute young Thai boys was not on my wish list.

Nevertheless, especially since I moved to the Ari area I have sensed a much better vibe from farangs. Farangs who live there are relatively young and mostly professionals. They seem to be genuinely curious about other farangs who walk around with purpose and a bit of dignity (no shorts, no flip-flops, no Singha or red-bull t-shirts, no tank tops).

It's really surprising (or maybe not?) that such a little clip has provoked, or rather revealed so much hatred.


Anonymous said...

This is an example of a gay man being dramatic. Overly.

BB said...

hehe, drama is the right word indeed.

has anything evolved in that story? I couldnt keep up to date while I was away...

BK observer said...

Nicholas Snow is well known as a self promoter in Bangkok. His HIV+ status is well known because he himself has publicized it, and not just on Gay Romeo but also in articles in the gay magazines. So it's not surprising that many are suspicious of his motivations for his latest promotion -- this alleged dispute with his neighbor.

BB said...

bk observer.

after doing some research on this topic, I too found out that Nicholas is a very exposed person. He certainly likes to tell us what he's achieved (or not, up to you to judge).

On youtube, I saw some clip he made for some TV channel where he goes to pattaya to show the viewers how you can get a massage and drinks at jomtien beach...that was rather amusing...