Sunday, September 20, 2009

Being friends with a moneyboy

Gosh that is something I have tried really hard to achieve in these 1.5 years in Bangkok. It's always been a fascination for me how these boys manage to get iPhones, visa to farangland, condos, cars, monthly wages triple that of an office worker (and just from one farang!!!!).

Being friends with a moneyboy is nearly impossible. Now, I hear you say: but I have a moneyboy friend, my exexexex, or my best mate's exexexexex.

Ok, but that doesnt count. I mean just a friend. No involvement, no sex, no iPhones, no blackberries, no staying over at condos, nothing like that, just mates.

Last year, I used to chat to a moneyboy. He was something like 18 and he had all the characteristics of a moneyboy:

Knowing a lot of farang, being online 24/7, being from the countryside, learning quickly, and having a great cock (I just saw a picture, but that's enough to judge).

It started like this: He wrote me that he desperately needed to stay somewhere for a week because of.....(whatever, I forgot). I was a bit shocked because I had my own place and didnt plan to share it with some strange teenager.

For many weeks, he desperately wanted to meet me, offered sex and who knows what. One time, he was with a guy who stayed like 50 metres away from my condo, he could literally see me through the window if he'd known.

That's when it became a bit too much and I got a bit scared. Gays know each other in this city, especially moneyboys and farangs. Soon, he deleted me off his msn-list. Obviously I wasnt a candidate.

And here we are, this is the greatest problem of trying to be friends with a moneyboy. When he is chatting to you, he is working. Like, say, a lawyer defending his client.

Now when I am trying to just talk to them a bit, without any material benefits in sight, they lose interest. That is quite normal, but makes it nearly impossible to befriend moneyboys.

In the last few months however, I am starting to succeed.

There's one guy on who wrote me like 2 years ago and I saw him again, he didnt remember me though.

So I chatted with him a bit. He seemed nice enough, smart and we chatted quite a few times. Of course, he wanted to meet me pretty soon, but he realised that things didnt work that way.

I chatted him up online because I actually saw him with some Dutch walrus tourist with Lonely Planet Thailand in his hand, having Sushi at ZEN/Centralworld at roughly 4pm.

Any sane person works at this time of the day (well except students, tourists and moneyboys I suppose;)

He was quite aghast that I saw him but he didnt even remember his companion. Since then, we have chatted on and off, but he's cooled down a bit since he thinks he has no big chance to meet me.

I am also friends with him on facebook, so I can see how moneboydom works.

What can I observe. He's got like 200 farang friends, most between 40 and 50. He is a cheeky bugger. He will always write things like: "I am lonely at home tonight". Or: "I want to go to the movies but I am alone". Or: "I have to go to study on monday morning, I am so sad".

The stupid farangs believe everything and fall for the false declarations of sadness. Then, they try to outdo each other with flirty messages and look like fools to be honest.

He used to have a Nokia N95 (the same shitty phone as I do), but now has an iPhone. He gets invited to some 5* hotel every sunday morning for brunch by his ex, an old Englishman who now has a new Thai boy. Im not sure why the old one needs to come along too.

One time, when I was in New Zealand, the moneyboy wrote me a message, saying that he is sad because the exboyfriend wanted him to come along to his condo with his new bf, he didnt want though.

He (remembering the suburb where I live) said that he is drunk now and needed a couch to sleep on in Ari. I laughed and said that I dont live in a hotel...

Right now, he was complaining that he is bored tonight, because his dad is home. He told me that he needs a drink. I told him: go to 7eleven and buy some Saeng Som (Thai Whisky). No answer on that one yet. Tomorrow morning he is going to the Sheraton (if you want to meet him there).

We have actually talked more serious things before. He told me that he thinks he is unable to get a younger man. He said he likes younger men, up to about mid-30s but thinks he cant get them. He's not handsome, so maybe that is even true...

But I am not trusting him. He's not ugly either, and he's not even trying with younger ones. (judging from the facebook friends list)

So, my dear elderly readers with "younger Thai companions". You are not helping people out of poverty, you are actually spoiling them like there's no tomorrow. A Thai who takes the taxi to get to university from Nonthaburi to BKK??? I never heard that...

Nokia N95, iPhone, Sheraton, condos, sushi, the oriental....

I just know that whoever is supporting this young man, they turned him into a spoilt brat. When he's 25 and looking old, no one will want him anymore. I hope that by then he's either found a farang who's ready to be his daddy for the rest of his life, or he's found a good job and can support himself, preferably the latter...good luck!


Christian said...

Is this the same story you presented in the entry July 19, 2009 thai moneyboy and bitchofbangkok on the farm? How do you know the tourist was Dutch? (Was his Lonely Planet Thailand in Dutch?)

Yes, it would be very interesting to get a deeper insight into the live of a moneyboy. When I was in Bkk for holiday end of August, I had some short talks with some of them who were hanging around in front of the Malaysia hotel. (I saw one which was cute and another one which was hot; however, they didn’t approach me and I was too shy to approach them, won’t happen again.)

The Silom-scene seems to be manageable, I guess it consists of only several thousand people (Expats, regular visitors, all forms of moneyboys). When I prepared for my holiday, I arranged meetings with boys from gayromeo. There was one who wasn’t my type, but he had a gorgeous hairdo. When he wrote “i can meet u if u can help me some money” this was a no-brainer to identify him as moneyboy. And guess what? Weeks after this online-contact, I met him by chance at DJ-station and said hello. I recognized a boy at Babylon which I saw in the disco the evening before (and all other evenings as well). Maybe that’s a way to find out if someone is a moneyboy: I tell him I remember him from a year ago, and if he’s a moneyboy he probably can’t remember but will say yes, and I know he frequents the venue regularly because I never met him before.

Curious to read more about your insights into the moneyboy-scene.

BB said...

Christian. Yes, same guy. Hmmm, yes why did I know he was dutch...I think his accent. He might have been Flemish too I suppose.

If the Reisebericht that was printed in Silom Farang's blog was written by you, then you have hit the jackpot. You have visited all the infamous areas where moneyboys and their admirers hang out - every day!

Everything in Silom and gayromeo as "silom online" is where these full-timers are:)

But you have to watch out, the differences are really blurred. There are many who actually study in some university, like my "friend". So he's not a hardcore MB who hangs around Silom night and day.

One thing however we must never forget. I realised that again on my last conversation with a taxi driver, who wanted a foreign boyfriend.

These people are from a poor background, so they sometimes just want to see the world, travel and have an "exotic" boyfriend. In essence, it's exactly the same as farangs who come to Thailand want. A relief from normal life and some exotic adventure. Cancel out the money and it's not all black and white anymore.

I personally could not recommend the Silom area unless you want to live the usual farang sextourist experience.

In BKK you can meet gays everywhere, and I mean EVERYWHERE. There are at least 5 other gay areas, where you can find mostly Thais who want to meet Thais, but that doesnt mean that as a farang you have no chance.

BB said...

p.s. "gorgeous hairdos" as in crazy hair higher than 10cm is a 100% giveaway for full-time moneyboys. I see some of these with farangs in the skytrain sometimes, and it's highly amusing.

I think it looks tacky, horrendous, overly flamboyant and just plain kitschy, but "up to you", as Thais say:)

Christian said...

The Reisebericht was me (again: small world). After checking facebook of a Thai friend, I think he might be part-time MB. Live sucks! We want them, they want us, but there's 10000km to travel! What are the other areas? I had a Lumpini-park encounter which is kind of story no-one will believe (and it's not finished yet, I hope I see him again on my next holiday).