Tuesday, July 14, 2009

unhappy blog-reader, akaroa visit, straight flatties and gay life

Recently, I havent been up to shagging a Thai boy, exploring moneyboys in Silom or spending a relaxing time in the steamy sauna with my bf and the technician of my condo.

Loyal reader "anonymous" deeply resents this and gave me a scathing assessment of my blog.

"I hope your life is far less boring that your posts, which have gone from unoffensive mildly amusing posts from a white queenie white student in Bangkok to derisible silly opinionated rants about your boring life in New Zealand."

Thank you for your accurate assessment. The exit is to your right my love.

Seriously, why are you even reading my blog? It has been around for more than a year and you had about 365 days to get lost already, so why didnt you a bit earlier?

Apart from that, and on a more serious note. My life is not boring and I am making something out of it. How could you possibly judge on someone's whole life on the basis of such a silly blog?

Seriously, this topic creeps up time and again. Especially with bkkdreamer's and my blog. Stop judging about the people's lives on the basis of mere texts...we bloggers have a life besides blogging too...

Actually, I need to tell you that I am not in NZ for good...in a few weeks, I shall be back to Bangkok. In the meantime, bear with me and broaden your horizons a bit:)

Two days ago, my friend gave me his Toyota Celica for two days. It was only yesterday that I could fully benefit from having a car.

In the afternoon, I packed my bags and drove off to Akaroa. This little town is on the Banks Peninsula, about 1.5 hours away from Christchurch. The drive is very scenic as I passed farms, an estuary, orchards, hills, the coastline and even had to climb and descend a rather high hill.

Arrived on the hill, the panorama is gorgeous. I also chose a gorgeous day. Winter, I reckon is the best time to visit Christchurch - IF the weather is ok. The colours were colder but more interesting than in summer, when the landscape is all but green or brown.

Of course, my camera decided to throw a tantrum and did not work. The battery was empty...

I arrived in Akaroa just when the sun was about to set. Or so I thought...winter sunsets in New Zealand are gorgeous and last forever!

On the way back, one of the most magic sights of my whole life suddenly appeared around the corner: Behind the whole chain of the Southern Alps, from the right to the left, the sky was illuminated in an incredibly intense red.

The estuary in front of me reflected this spectacle so that every car passing this sight stopped and marvelled at its beauty....truly gorgeous. I just wish I had my proper camera with me...

On to another topic...straight male flat-mates. This is one of the worst situations you can live in. I warn you and I am speaking with confidence here, since hardly anyone of you is a straight male anyway.

Today, the two Chinese blokes left. Now it's just me and a (straight) Dutch man. The kitchen was nothing short of disgusting. Half the dishes were soaked in a puddle of grease, water, rice and shrimp remainings.

Action had to be taken. I deserve a medal of honour and have to re-iterate that I never ever lived with a straight guy who did dishes and kept the house clean. Poor, poor women of our earth...

After two weeks of silence, my gaydar is slowly picking up signals. Today, I went to my favourite Korean restaurant and apparently the owner, or just the personally had changed.

Instead of a moody teenage girl, a smiling young man welcomed me and my friends. I watched him as he proceeded to talk to girls. But there was something odd with him, he also talked and smiled to guys, in a very sweet way.

When we left, he asked us, which one of us was the Korean person. None of us, we replied...The man tried to make conversation, and sent me off with a big sweet smile - I think he's PLU :)

Just before, when I put out the disgusting rubbish of the two straight ex-flatmates, two men approached. When they saw me, with all my boxer-shorts glory (in below zero temperatures nonetheless), they eyed me, and stopped talking.

Also gay? Or just aghast at my non-matching combination of orange-red boxers with a blue-grey shirt? :)


Bkkdreamer said...

I have enjoyed your blog posts about NZ, incl the spectacular pics. Your Anon critic sounds like the spineless bastard who has been haunting my blog for months.

I would be happy to meet this craven shit to give him a piece of my mind.

Prkmk said...

Orange-red bottom matched with Blue-grey top? They're so Spring/Summer 2010! You're so fashion forward living in a non-fashioned farangland! haha. And I totally love the pics! I guess NZ is not that boring afterall.

BB said...

hello bkkdreamer.

thanks for your kind words.

I dont think it's the same anon. there's not enough psychological analysis in mine. yours might have diagnosed a lack of parental care when I was young or something like that.

wait until I get out my real camera and take some pictures of nz, they'll be much better:)

really? I cant see any spring and summer right now so at below 0C at night, people might wonder what someone is doing in spring/summer 2010 fashion...:P

NZ is hard to beat on a nice day!!!

Bkkdreamer said...

Anon the Shrink has since written to me saying it wasn't him who left a nasty comment on your blog.

He says you are a young fellow whose life seems to be together so he feels no need to post to get you back in line. How kind of him.

I haven't posted his remark at my blog (it was left randomly in response to a post) because I have now banned the man, unless he says something particularly outrageous.

BB said...

I am happy to hear I have a great life!

The other shrink however thinks that I have a boring life:)

wonder which one of them is right!!

samart said...

Probably you are supposed to consult a third one?

BB said...

yeah...do you feel qualified to give me that decisive third vote?:)

samart said...

I believe you are a young fellow and lead a wholesome life :-)

BB said...

you cant vote twice then!

and thanks for your trust in me sweetheart:)

samart said...

Hey, I didn't vote twice!

I just tell what I see from reading your blog.

BB said...

ok:) it's pretty close to reality:)

ScottL said...

I have really enjoyed reading your blog. My sister lives in NZ, North Island and she couldn't stop talking about how beautiful the country is. I haven't been to NZ so I could only stare at your photos and sigh..

It's good and informative reading about your life in NZ as well as Bkk. Don't be bothered by those idiots. If they are so good, they should write their own blogs.

BB said...

yeah. you expose yourself, you'll have to take the flak.