Friday, July 3, 2009

3 days in farangland - still no sun

I have arrived in farangland 3 days ago, and have not yet felt a ray of sunshine on my silky skin. People said I look tanned when I arrived. I suppose when I go back, Thais will love me even more because I will be pasty white!

So far, I dont mind the weather so much. It's nicer to walk when it's 10 degrees than when it's 35 degrees, actually. The more I walk, the warmer I get. In Bangkok, every minute spent walking means more sweat!

I am living at the dormitory at university, where I am sharing a flat with two Chinese men and a Dutch guy. Just before, I have finally met the Dutch guy, so now I have officially seen everyone.

I dont really care about them, but they seem nice. I care about my friends at university. Well, there arent many left sadly, because most have moved elsewhere or are now busy working.

I study in a relatively small department. We have one big study-room so gossip gets around quickly. That's good entertainment but also a bit tedious when you actually want to work.

Let me tell you two stories. When I used to study here two years ago, we already had the "in"-group and the "out" rest. I belonged to the "in"-group of course and we were a bit mean.

In the "out"-rest is the Korean poodle. I do not like her for several reasons. She moved to farangland from Korea at the same time as my bf.

For example: When she met my bf (who is also Korean) for the first time, she blurted out: "oh my god, I thought there are no gay Koreans". How stupid!!!She is an educated young girl who has lived in relatively open-minded farangland for 12 years and she said something like that.

Yesterday, when I met her she shouted through the room: "oh by the way, I heard you are now with a Thai boy after you left *** (my bf)". Since then, I have not talked to her anymore. Shouting such untrue things in a room with about 20 people studying is not appropriate.

Then we have the Hungarian Barrel. He is called like this because, you guessed it, he is Hungarian and looks like a barrel. He is one year younger than my mum, extremely religious and divorced from his wife of 18 years.

That's why he has decided to get himself a Filipina bride from the Visayas. He proudly shows the pictures of the wedding rings and her pictures to everyone. First, I thought she was a ladyboy, but now I think she is actually a woman. Hungarian Barrel is going to pick up Visaya bride in two weeks and hopes to take her back to farangland.

I want to see her and gossip about the Philippines, but I am sure he would be jealous...

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