Sunday, July 19, 2009

thai moneyboy and bitchofbangkok on the farm

My friend's farm

Just before, I got a message from an occasional chat-partner, a Thai moneyboy. He has many thousand views on his profile and seems to be famous.

I really dont know why he is a favourite with farangs, the average countryboy looks better than him I time I saw him in Centralworld having Japanese food at 4pm with a Dutch tourist (including Lonely Planet Thailand).

Anyway, the moneyboy said he wants to relax on my couch because he is drunk from having brunch with his ex-boyfriend.

He can not stay at his ex-boyfriend's place because said person is now with another boy.

The competition seems fierce and farangs seem to have all the choice. I suppose that is to YOUR (the reader) benefit...

He said: I am on the way to your home now, give me your telephone number. I told him that I live in a home and not in a hotel. And that was it then...

Good morning New Zealand!

Last Friday, me and my two friends visited another friend from University on her country-farm.

My farmer friend is not pregnant and has a handsome Irish boyfriend who says he'd love to visit Thailand. I suppose Thai boys would be happy...:)

Two doggies?

The young couple also have two dogs and a cat. I am still trying to figure out whether I am a cat- or dog-lover. Maybe it's the same as with top and bottom - you can also be both!!!

Dogs are cool because they like to be with you. They are sweet, sensitive and there is some real, meaningful interaction. Nearly as meaningful as with taxi drivers and somtam ladies in Bangkok, just without them asking if I have a Thai girlfriend:)

But, dogs smell. And I cant stand that smell!!!!

Or a kitty?

Cats on the other hand are bitches. You call them, they turn around and face the wall. Who knows what they think when they face the wall but they are far bitchier than me!

Suddenly they lash out with their cute paws and slash your skirt! Dangerous kitty!!!

But, they are soooooooo beautiful! And have a silky fur and best of all, when you pat them they purrrrrrrrrrr.

So, the jury is out. What am I and my bf gona get one day? :) I suspect we still have some time before we need to make that decision....come to think of it, I would love to be a dad....I really mean it!!!

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