Wednesday, July 8, 2009

International Mister Gay 2009

We fags love looking great, so it is no surprise that we have a beauty pageant too. This one is called "INTERNATIONAL MISTER GAY 2009". I suppose to have a chance to be chosen you need to be gay, and that's about it.

I have chosen some representatitives of countries. Frankly, I am a bit disappointed. Especially the quality of the pictures...

You choose...which one do you like?

I will tell you the real winner tomorrow.

Here are the contestants:

Mister Gay Australia. Quite a body, eh!

Mister Gay Brazil. Qute!:) Looks like my first bf with his curly hair!

Mister Costa Rica....Ay bonito! He looks good I think.

Mister France. Looks like he is 16. Kinda qute but, the picture.........oh my.

Mister Guam. Does anyone but the Americans and Pinoys among us know where this "country" is situated? Look at his face and you know. Between Asia and the Americas:)

Mister Korea. What a body. yummy! but a face made out of candyfloss...

Where do you think this man is from? Netherlands? Belgium? Great Britain? No.....he is Mr Gay MOZAMBIQUE!

This young many looks interesting...some kind of mix. No wonder, he is Mr Gay NAMIBIA.

Mr Gay Peru. Sorry but I can take a better picture of myself right now, if you wish, unshaved and -showered even.
Mister Philippines. He looks Thai to me. He will probably be your favourite. Qute but same same many other guys, no?
MIster Scotland is not wearing a kilt...he has a hot body nevertheless...
Mister Switzerland. Where are the cow bells? Anyway, the star tattoo is hot! And so are his undies, and his butt too:)
Mister Syria......he looks a bit evil...

And this is our own representative, Mister Gay comment. We all know there are hordes of better-looking people on the streets of Siam...
My favourites are Costa Rica, Switzerland and Namibia...


kawadjan said...

I will marry Mr Costa Rica any time, any where.

I can be the agent for Mr Namibia if he wishes to model... or do porn.

The Pinoy... I can send him to school.

And Mr Peru... did I just see him in my soi earlier today?

BB said...

Mister peru looks as if he were the local soiboi indeed. put him in a thai school uniform and he will fit RIGHT IN.

mister namibia looks like he would do porn indeed...he has that porn-look. you be the agent then, can you give me a dvd for free though?:)

pinoy...maybe he goes to school with mister peru?

costa rica...I have heard it's a liberal country and many fags go there...what do you think kawadjan. go to costa rica instead of laos?;)

ScottL said...

I agree. There are others more beautiful guys in Thailand than the one pictured here. I guess the more beautiful ones don't even bother to compete.

I like Peru and Costa Rica. I don't see your annoucement of the result??