Friday, July 10, 2009

Mall Culture, a Hungarian Onion, a Heater and a Wine

We have two winners. International Mister Gay 2009 is MISTEEEEEEER Switzerland.

How strange...I thought the Swiss are about as known for producing interesting, funky and hot people as the Thais for producing a good wine...

The second winner is Sepiroth. It was long overdue that some smart brain found out where I am. Of course, Aotearoa, Land of the Long White Cloud, or New Zealand, as most of you will call the country.

Mister Sepiroth was not quite right though...I am not a Kiwi. But I AM in New Zealand. Christchurch if you want it more accurately. You can check all the farangs in Christchurch now and see whether they look like a bitchofbangkok.

The moon...beautiful, isnt it?

I think I owe you a little bit of an explanation over my mall/suburbia-rant from a few days ago. Even though I sometimes rant, and people get offended, I do have my reasons for voicing an opinion.

Let me keep it short though. Most people will say: Let the people do whatever they want to. If someone decides to have 2 Hummers, 3 Ferraris and 2 Benz SUV's, a dog, a child and a house in suburbia, let them do.

Well, of course we are a relatively free society. But, I still can not quite support that argument. I believe in the regulatory power of the state. Americans would call this "liberal", Europeans maybe "etatist".

I think the Government is there to guide us. We do not care enough for our environment and live in an extremely inefficient society. We live hours away from work and every person drives to work in their own car. Cares produce way too many emissons and so on...

One more time, la luna

Also, when I walk around in Christchurch, everyone has a house and a garden around it, and a huge fence around the garden. How many times do I see people use the garden and enjoy it though?

Rarely. Having to "keep up" the garden is the only activity that normally takes place there. I had a friend who studied here. Her house was home to a grand total of 4 people and 5 cars...

Then the malls. Malls, at least the way they are designed here, contribute to extreme uniformity and encourage people to be less and less creative. You go to the mall, get your groceries (ok, not everyone can go to the market), get some clothes (from some boring brand), have a coffee from Starbucks...

At least café-culture is well and alive in New Zealand, especially in Wellington. Here, believe it or not, I have had the best coffees outside of Italy.

Good morning Christchurch

At my university, I had to change room. I moved from being neighbours with a Hungarian Christian fundamentalist to being neighbours with a gay-hating French Arab.

The Hungarian man is nothing short of crazy. He discussed gay marriage with me recently and of course, at some point the argument will be: "the bible says this". Then, you are disarmed because this is the ultimate argument. After this, the discussion is finished.

He recently got divorced from his wife and according to him, its the fault of the New Zealand Government. They gave her a house, he complains. I rather think she desperately wanted to leave him, and got support from the NZ Government. Well done!

Now, he ordered a new bride from the Philippines. He proudly chats to her about 4 hours a day and calls her frequently. Her pictures hang next to his ex-wife's at his work-station.

According to the Hungarian, Filipinos are good and civilised people, because "they are Christians, they wear shoes and dont eat with their hands".

My friend found porn of her on his memory stick when he was helping to print out a document. Maybe the Hungarian is just a horny middle-aged man and not as saintly as he thinks he is.

The Hungarian likes to eat raw onions, because it prevents him from getting Swine flu. I thought I was back in Thailand when I heard this...

After his onion feast, the Hungarian in his entirety, the whole room and according to my best friend, even the lift smells like onions. Goodbye, I said and moved next to the French Arab gay-hater girl. Lets see how we get along...

She was shouting at her mum in a mix of Arab and French on the phone for nearly 30 minutes today...a good start..

Dew! I remember that Thais travelled to the North in winter to see dew. Come to Christchurch I say:)

The office is ultra-happy to have me around. Bitching and gossiping is on an all-time high. If there are a few people huddled together in a corner, talking about someone else, I will be part of that group for sure!

My friend calls us the office-bullies.

A friend who has met me through this blog has said that I sound extremely feminine and bitchy. Well, it's my name. In real life though I am a manly bear...hahahaha, kidding. I am not a queeny boy though. And I am certainly not quite as evil as you might think.

But, if someone is rude to me, I will try to be at least double as rude back to them:P

Tonight, I am having a wonderful night. I am drinking a Pinot Noir from Central Otago (for people who dont know wine: "a very good red wine"). It's from an area called "Mount Difficulty". That makes me wonder how the mountain got its name...

I also bought a little fan heater. OMG, I nearly died last night. It was below zero and my hairdryer died. To me, my hairdryer is about as crucial as the umbrella to my bf. We can not live without them!!!


Brad said...

Try the Chard Farm Pino, they make couple of different types don't know if they still make the vipers which was the best one they made.

BB said...

thanks brad...I am now hung over and it might be a while until I buy one more wine. but I keep my eyes open.

Sadly there are strict limits about how much alcohol we can take into thailand:( I would love to bring some wine...

samart said...

You don't have to apologise for your dislike of "mall culture" - which in fact is an assault on public space and city culture in general. People certainly deserve better than that.

And oh, there definitely are some interesting, funky and hot people in Switzerland :-)

BB said...

thanks heaps mister samart. I like your nickname by the way...are you mocking the thai accent perhaps?:)

christchurch for one has huge public spaces and a glorious city centre. it's just that people only go there in summer...

about the Swiss...what makes you think there are? are you one of these?:)