Sunday, June 14, 2009

i HEART bkk - for its fruits

In Farangland, mums always have to tell their boys and girls that they should eat a lot of fruit. Where I grew up, fruit is something like a swear word.

You are somehow banished to eat fruit. No chocolate, no biscuits, you have to eat fruits. And if you just feel like opening up that bag of chips/crisps, mum will be there and say: you should rather eat an apple.

Apples must be every farangland kids' nemesis. They often dont taste like much if they are not sour like hell and I get a bloody mouth from eating them (their skin cuts my gums).

what's the alternative? A banana imported from Costa Rica. Not bad...An Orange from Spain? Too big a mess. A kiwifruit? Great, but expensive!!!

Only around Christmas time, I enjoyed fruits because fresh mandarins could be found in the supermarket in abundance. Mix these with chocolates, biscuits (there we go again) and I can smell and taste Christmas.

In Thailand, things are obviously different. I do eat a biscuit or two, or a bit of chocolate, but very rarely. This is the land of plenty. Nearly every fruit can be had here, and they are GOOOOOD!

Usually, I stock at least 3 types at home, and rather eat fruits for breakfast than bread, butter and jam.

I took pictures of the fruit in my fridge.

First, pomelo. I think this is the fruit I eat the most. It's like a bigger grapefruit, only not bitter. Its little bits do not disintegrate easily, so you can just break off bits. It tastes like a meaty orange, but less sweet and juicy.

Sorry this is not a good got a bit warm earlier on.

The second one. Everyone knows the mango of course. Everyone who's been to Thailand knows how a mango can taste. Heavenly! Now there isnt just one sort of mango, there are dozens. Last week, I even bought a round one!!!

The most common type of mango at the moment

And now we are entering royal territory. There is a title for the king and the queen of fruits. Strangely, I love the queen just that bit better than the king. (It's the other way around in bed;)

The king is durian. An infamous fruit. In the Singapore taxis there is a sign: durian not allowed. That's because of its smell!

The taste is more important though. Firstly I was surprised. It's greasy like no other fruit. And the taste, I cant describe it - but try. Mix white wine, cabbage, nuts but sweet! A godly fruit!

A big bite of durian. The whole fruit is huge and thorny

Then, the queen, and my favourite fruit of all. Strangely, it's also the ugliest.

But when you open up a mangosteen, the rind purple-red and the inner flesh shiny white, then you know something special awaits you.

Describing the taste is difficult again. It's so fresh and clear, sweat, fragrant, perfumed. The last time I ate some I just moaned and told the bf that he has to fight hard to give me a better orgasm than this little ugly fruit:)

Mangosteen, ugly but delicious


Opy said...

Oh, so that is a durian? M boyfriend told me about those, but I have never seen one before. I kind of want to try one now! :) The mangosteens look really interesting too! Great post!

BB said...

Thank you:) But from the outside, durian looks very different. and it's really not to everyone's taste:)

I might add more fruits when I buy more...for now...good night:)

Anonymous said...

"you have to eat fruits"

always try to... :-))

but I am with you on mangosteens, the best thing since sex


BB said...

it's true isnt it??

mums force you to eat least where I come from.

at paragon they have two areas of fruits...the farangland imported fruits which cost a fortune and the thai fruits, which cost not much...I cant understand why anyone would need a farangland fruit here.....:S

Thai Lover said...

A taste from home maybe??....with a price tag...

BB said...

up to you:))) if you want to pay 300 baht for 5 strawberries from america...:)

aurix said...

I love pomelo! But too much of it gives me mild diarrhea.

And, of course, there's no dessert better than mango with sticky rice :-)

BB said...

yes. pomelo gives me diarrhea too. shush:))

khao niao ma are a "farangised" thai I see:) But it's yummy:) I am getting sick of mango though:(