Saturday, June 13, 2009

Blog under construction

As recent visitors might have noticed, a few things have changed on this blog. I felt the changes were overdue and deserved an update.

It's however not a complete overhaul, more like a face-lifting. Not botox however, the blog is not that old yet:)

So what's new so far? Obvsiouly, the colours and the banner. The last banner was the view from my old condo, but I dont live there anymore. The new banner is my current view.

Just like fellow blogger bkkdreamer, I also felt that my header subtitle needs redoing. My circumstances have changed a bit since the beginning of the blog and the scope of the blog has widened too.

"my stories from the city of angels, my love for bangkok, my boyfriend and me, my trips, my opinions."

Regarding the colours, I felt that pink was fun and different, but grey, orange and blue is much classier but still beautiful. It's also more reader-friendly and your eyes will hurt less I think.

I have also made the main column much wider, so you dont have to scroll so far and more of the page gets used. Looks good, no?

Nearly 3 hours of my Saturday afternoon went into re-organising the labels. I have reduced them to only 11.

Most are self-explanatory. E.g. under "gay stories", you can find anectdotes and funny moments I encounter with gays.

Under "travels" you can read about my trips of course. This will ALWAYS include my own pictures.

Clicking "the beauty of men" will get you to a few picture series of men, which we all love, dont we?

I have also included two special cateories: "korea and me" because I do have a bit of an interest in Korea, and "i HEART bkk", which is my label for confessions of love for Bangkok.

The changes are not at all finished yet, I will re-organise and -assess my links and add more content. I will also re-work all the entries, so they are more appealing to read. I might even include a third column. You will see.

In its essence however, the blog is the same. I have made it much more pleasing to the eyes and easier to use though.


Anonymous said...

A lovely rebranding, congrats, many ticks from me... clarity breeds contentment (as Confusus should have said when he got his first pair of glasses)

Anonymous said...

inspired by whereyoustop?

BB said...

thank you very much paulo...I am happy to at least get ONE feedback, and it's even a good one;)

indeed, I hope that the clarity of the content inspires people to read on a bit more:)

BB said...


I do not frequently look at his blog and I cant help it if our views are similar.