Sunday, June 21, 2009

Gym boys One

Thanks again to manilaguy25 for letting me use his gorgeous pictures!


Anonymous said...

So this blog has turned into a "not so beautiful boys" display now?

I am sorry, but there is plenty of websites with pictures of better looking guys in the web...we do not need any more mediocre ones.

BB said...


If you actually read my blog you would know that I was away in China for a few days. Blogger is not accessible in China, so I thought looking at handsome men is better than at nothing.

and if your taste doesnt match me, then go find pictures elsewhere and read the rest of my blog, ok?

Anonymous said...

ive had sex with the 3rd guy of this post, he's actually a hooker. hehehe, for about US$40, fairly good size cock, and hot tight ass.