Friday, June 26, 2009

Exploring China - Guangzhou I

I got an anonymous complaint (why cant criticisers never have a name???) about the lack of content of my blog after two posts with sexy men.

“So this blog has turned into a "not so beautiful boys" display now?” he wrote. He even announced that he is leaving me!

I want to tell you a few things, mister anon:
1. You have NO idea how much WRITING a blog with some content actually takes
2. If you actually read my blog, you would know that I was on holidays, even that I was in China (where is not accessible)
3. Leave my blog if you don’t like what you see. I don’t want demanding queens like you here.

For all the other people who haven’t left me: This blog is of course content-based, you all know that. However I felt that rather than leaving the blog alone for a week, I’d rather give you something to look at.

Yesterday night at 3:30 am, me and the boyfriend got back from our 5-day trip to the South of China. It was my birthday present for the bf and we had the choice of Guangzhou or Hanoi in Vietnam.

We chose Guangzhou because we both shared the dream to visit China for its history and culture but even more for its rapid development.

I didnt know much about Guangzhou before we boarded the plane. Normally I would buy a guidebook and pre-read for the sake of information but also to get myself in the mood.

There was no guidebook about Guangzhou or any that included a significant amount of information about the former “Canton”. I printed out the “wikitravel” article, which was actually fairly large and informative and off we went!

We arrived at the new Baiyun (white cloud) airport at about 11pm and everything was like Bangkok. It was hot, the airport new and huge, the taxis mean and I got annoyed. I didn’t fly 3 hours to find another Bangkok!

Then however, we found a bus which would take us to the city, which was cheap and convenient. The attendant lady showed us where to get off and we got a taxi for the short hop to our hotel.

Having arrived at night, we were left hungry and got some snacks from 7eleven (they do have these in China!)

Our soi!

The first steps out of the hotel, and we were in a bustling street full of roadside BBQ’s with bare-chested men selling seafood, restaurants, touts offering us prostitutes (do we look like we f*ck women???) etc. it looked like fun!


Bkkdreamer said...

The soi looks almost suburban - I like it.

As for picky readers, I believe many readers leave their brains at the door when they go blog-surfing.

I find it hard to believe that they grumble and groan when they read a novel, for example, as much as they do when they read our blogs.

Apart from that, many appear not to 'get' humour, sarcasm, irony - yet if that's so, how can they read a book? How do they communicate with people...or is life just one long bitch and moan to them?

I have given up wondering, and now write mainly for myself and the readers I know will appreciate it. The rest of them can get stuffed.

BB said...

The soi is in the middle of guangzhou, near the main station. that's also where the prostitutes are it seems:)

I agree with you. I really find it hard to believe that readers can think they have demands on the blog and if they are not met in 2 or 3 days then they will move. I think they treat their "boyfriends" in the same way, possibly. I once read such a discussion on another blog, where the advice was to put demands on the boyfriend and if he cant meet them, move on.

But maybe our blogs have become part of their daily routines - and if we dont provide them with our inputs they routine gets upset:)

aussie said...

It is your blog so write what you like or if you have no spare time just some photos are always good.

The critics have little understanding of the effort and time it takes to keep a blog regularly updated.

You will find the majority of readers appreciate your blog, please don't be deterred by the critics.

I really like the stories of your travels, even the day tours from Bangkok are very useful when planning my visits to Thailand.

Me too? said...

That sounds like the beginning of a really fun trip :-)! I'm excited to learn more about Guangzhou and China :-)! Did you get to any cities further North? Did people speak English :-)? Ok I'll stop, hope you had an awesome trip :-)!

BB said...

I am literally writing the next parts as I am writing this "me too". be patient!

aussie: thanks for your encouragement. I am happy to see that people care about travel and sightseeing too and not just "boys":)