Friday, June 5, 2009

Cheeky me

Gosh I am tired. Today was a pretty usual, but still eventful day.

In the morning, me and the bf set off from his apartment to pick up our Chinese visas at the Embassy on Ratchada. A breeze actually, not like Thai immigration.

At the Chinese Embassy, things work quickly and without a smile or anything similar. Yet, the Thai lady behind the counter managed to steal 1000 baht from me.

The visa costs 1650 baht, and I gave her 3000, because I didnt know the price. I got back 350 baht. I complained but she wouldnt have any of it. BITCH!!!!! I hope she buys a proper handbag at least.

Then, I had the usual day at the faculty, writing intellingent stuff into my computer, while the new class had their lessons in the room next door.

The new class has one attraction for me: A very cute man named Yen. He said: Yen like the Japanese currency, not "yen" as in "cold".

Yen is the quite typical upper-middle class gay boy, with stylish clothes, make-up, a ton of product in his hair and an Americanised Thai English. He's cute though.

We have been eyeing each other a bit and oddly met in the toilet. I do not like to stand at the urinals next to a cute guy for some well-known reason, so my intuition said: go into the cubicle!!! I did and Yen came in 2 seconds later.

We talked a little, but it's all on a very low temperature. Whenever we stumble on each other, we have an awkward talk, but that's it.

Today, I was in the office alone, because I study a bit longer than the staff. And suddenly, I saw a list with all the class names and I cant resist these things...

I checked who were the men. It's not always easy with Thai names, especially these Thai-Chinese ones. They are so looooooooooooooooong. Something like Petchpornsirimongkol or whatever:)

I had a guess which one out of the 10 males was Yen looking at the email addresses. I chose one and looked it up on facebook. And - I was right!!!

I could have also written down the address and the telephone number but I am not so creepy, just a bit cheeky. Now, what to do with this email address and facebook profile?


Prkmk said...

just add him on your Facebook. I think that's a nice start! I guess adding one of your classmates in your FB is not too obvious. and u can work it out from there ;)

BB said...

maybe I should...Thais tend to not think too far about these kind of things...

and by the way, he is not my classmate...he is my nong:)

and I just wanna flirt a bit...not more:)

Prkmk said...

Well, you can do "Rub Nong" then. It's the season of Rub Nong right now... Enjoy flirting!

BTW, I love those nice boy pics you posted. keep it coming krub.

Me too? said...

What are you gonna do if he flirts back :)? I'm really jealous btw. A trip to China is going to be awesome :)))!

BB said...

thank you prkrmkr, but I didnt take them:) Thank the friend from sydney:)

mee too? He wont flirt back. And no, I wont be going to bed with him. And went to Vietnam, that's just as fun. No need to be jealous. and I cant flirt with the local boys working on the fields like you.

Hedonist said...

Just add him, you could have just found him randomly. Or just poke him and see if he replies and then add him...

BB said...

all done, all done. but i think it was a useless idea...what's it gona do anyway?