Sunday, June 28, 2009

Exploring China - Guangzhou VI

On the last day we became a bit lazy but still managed to drag ourselves out into town for some sight-seeing. First stop was the newly developed town, which is meant to become the business hub of Guangzhou.

New City
It is impressive! There are new skyscrapers forming a perfectly straight line through half of the city, starting with the Eastern Railway Station, the Tianhe Shopping area and the CITIC Building through the new city to the massive 610 metres high TV and sightseeing tower.

This is how China shows its new might. And admittedly, they do it with style. They employ the best architects world-wide and build absolutely stunning buildings and areas. Nevertheless, when I took pictures of the tower, a civil-clothed watchman was stalking us. I do not know why they need to do that…what is wrong with me taking pictures of their new pride?

Guangzhou TV and Entertainment Tower

In the evening, we took the gondola up Baiyun Mountain. Sadly it rained heavily so we didn’t get to see much of the city from the top. However there was a troop of gays waiting for us at the gondola station. They stalked us, watched us, made intense eye-contacts and then disappeared to the toilets.
We on the other hand went back to the hotel and took the taxi out the airport.

Gondola up Baiyun Mountain
I must say that this was one of the most fascinating and rewarding trips I had ever done. Guangzhou is a great and liveable city, even more so than Bangkok. It has attractions, culture, interesting developments and a very rich history.

By the way, I am not employed by the local tourist bureau!! I am just really fascinated by developments in China, and even more fascinated after having seen them. It gave me appetite for a lot more…

The people were unexpectedly friendly, even though hardly anyone spoke any English at all. They were delighted at our interest for China and curious.

One prejudice is true though: Chinese people are very loud. They talk as if they were in a constant argument! You get used to this very quickly though, and back in Thailand, people seem awfully quiet…

As for the gay culture, I read that it is evolving. The gays in Guangzhou are certainly not as open as their counterparts here in Thailand. Most young men are distinctively macho, or at least act it. Me and the boyfriend got many inquisitive but also interested and flirty looks.

They must have known that we were boyfriends even though we refrained from any “PDA”. Even though bars and saunas apparently have sprung up, and internet dating is evolving (judging by the amount of profiles from Guangzhou on sites such as gayromeo and fridae), cruising still seems an option.

I even read that there are a lot of factory workers who have become moneyboys. Who would have thought, Silom exists in Guangzhou too!;)


Me too? said...

This looks and sounds like an amazing trip :)! China is fascinating, and I appreciate the opportunity to read about it :)!

BB said...

China is fascinating indeed. go and visit! it's cheap to fly from bkk!!!