Thursday, March 5, 2009


wow, Italy was fun. I must say, I am a bit in love with it. It's not too different from Bangkok. But step by step.

Me and the two girls caught the train from Switzerland to Verona first. In Verona, I bought new underwear. A set. Brown and white, grey and white, blue and purple and the rest I cant even remember. But they look amazing!!!

I must say, in Bangkok I always loved when guys wore the white briefs. I think it looks the sexiest...but then I got a bit bored of them. And it's not easy to find nice-looking undies in BKK...
Anyhow, Verona, of course known for its Romeo & Juliet story (I wrote my and the bf's name on the wall next to the balcony) is a really pretty and very wealthy town.

Then, we took the train to Bologna, quite a big town south of Verona. The people were a bit less well dressed but the food was outstanding!!!

On to Rome, where we met the rest of the class...and with 15 girls, 3 gays and 5 ajarns (professors) we were quite a group. My gay friends and some lesbians went to a gay bar but I didnt feel like joining.

I must say, I fell in love with Rome - again. As a teenie with my first bf I visited Rome twice (he was Italian) and I still love the place.

It's dirty, chaotic, loud, the people are rude and there are also many strange creatures around. But it's such an exciting place, it really thrives. I have never seen that in a European city before (except Athens)...

And the men....I must say Italian men are very handsome and stylish. I know this is a cliche but it's actually quite true. They just know how to carry themselves.

We had meetings with four Italian politicians and bureaucrats , one is Andrea Sarubbi, (his blog is here) and Ugo Papi.

Andrea Sarubbi........handsome, no?

Andrea is a very very handsome tall man with a youthful face and grey long hair and Ugo, the speaker for the Partito Democratico on Italian-Asian affairs is often in Bangkok (according to him) and gay (according to me). If he has a Thai boyfriend and he is reading the blog, say hi please:)

Now I am in Brussels and it's actually not bad...more later.


Oscar said...

Glad to know that you enjoy your stay in Italy although I'm not a big fan of my fellow countrymen.
Where did you know your italian ex boyfriend?
We want to know more of BB's past :)

BB said...
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BB said...

hey oscar di milano - from cold brussels:)
i know, italians dont like italians. not much seems to go right in your country these days but i still love it. beauty is often found in imperfection, no?
my bf was half-italian. his mum from parma and we met in a very old fashioned way-at a gay part of the local gay youth group:)