Sunday, March 15, 2009

crazy german language

The German language is famed for its long words. I saw this on display in a shop window in Switzerland. That German word even makes Thai writing appear not overwhelmingly difficult.


and this is how the thing looks like:)

This "thing" is meant to be a device that can break eggs evenly. I was told it literally means: egg shell breakage point producer. German is really not an easy language to learn it seems. And by the way, this device is very pricey too!!! 38 Swiss Francs. That's about 1200 Thai Baht. To break your eggs evenly. Time to fly back to Bangkok!
By the way - I went skiing again. Isnt it nice?:)


Christian said...

great blog, I have to say again. Each of the languages I know has somethings special for which I like it. For German (my mother tongue) it's the facility to form long words just by putting nouns together. The "Eierschalensollbruchstellenverursacher" was unknown to me (I have a small collection of long words). This means, I could learn something about my mother tongue from a ??? (what nationality do you think you are or what is your mother tongue?)?

Christian said...

addendum: Speaking of languages, you obviously don't (dont) like to put apostrophes when using contracted negations, but you're not consistant as some entries have the correct apostrophe. Why?

BB said...

Swiss, thank you.

Wir sprechen auch Deutsch:)

why? because I am a lazy writer...:) I also normally dont use capitals when writing German at all...:)

btw, wirst deine antwort auf die Email schon noch kriegen.:)