Wednesday, February 25, 2009

snowy switzerland

Anyone fancy a view like this with me the next time?

I am now in Switzerland with my two Thai classmates. At the beginning it was -10C and I really cant remember when I last felt -10C. The girls of course never did and were even colder than me.

We did many fun things, including visiting Switzerland's biggest city, Zurich. I tell you, it's very very quiet and the people are quite rude...but I enjoyed listening to two Thai countryside gays who were shopping at H&M. I hoped they would say something about me but they were too far away.

Fasnacht in Lucerne. Camels, green statues of liberty with three arms, and kathoey trumpeteer.

Then, we also went to Lucerne. That's a very pretty place, kind of like a mini-zurich. I was surprised at the amount of Asian tourists there, mostly from China (or Singapore/HongKong/TW) and Japan. We were lucky, because there was a festival called fasnacht being celebrated, where everyone dresses up in funny costumes, gets drunk and plays loud music. It is supposed to drive out winter. It didnt work and stayed cold.

Even the birds are cold in Lucerne

Then we went to Bern. Probably the smallest capital in the world of any "normal" country. It's quite scenic though. (I didnt take any pictures, too cold and gloomy)

Yesterday, the highlight of the trip: Lausanne. This is a really lively town on Lake Geneva and somewhat more colourful, interesting and welcoming than the German Swiss towns. Lausanne also has a strong connection to the Thai royals. The King lived there in this younger years as did most of the other royals.

Meiringen, a nice town in the Bernese Alps

Today we went skiing and my legs hurt now!!! Me, being an experienced mountaineer ;) (yeah right) showed the girls a bit how to ski. They must have fallen down about 100 times each...but it was fun! Enjoy my pictures...on friday I am off to Italy!


Oscar said...

Which places will you visit in Italy?I'am an avid reader of your blog from Milan :-)

BB said...

hey oscar...nice to hear that I have a milanese reading my blog. well, we are going to verona, bologna (my choices) and rome (class choice).
we were told by the teachers to beware of pick-pocketing...I hope you are not one of them!!!;)

Oscar said...

Don't worry,you have to be careful of pickpocketing like in any other european city.Rome is stunning but it's shame you're not gonna visit Milan,we are in the fashion week at the moment,plenty of catwalks,shows models and co.!

BB said...

I have been to rome several times, and milan only once. but it's all up to the university people...oh catwalks and shows - that sounds quite interesting actually.
now let me find my nail-clipper and then I am off to italy:)
i'll be thinking of you in milano centrale;)

Sepiroth said...

I started looking at your blog because I might be moving to Bangkok in a couple of months time.

I spent 4 weeks backpacking in Europe last year so it brings a smile to my face when reading your journey through farangland. I like the mountains in Interlaken and Lucern and the Dying Lion.

How I wish I can join your trip!