Friday, March 20, 2009

someone got angry (not me)

some guy wrote me on a gay internet contact site. read the exchange of words (and hate) here.

he is from the philippines, hence my reference to Imelda (Marcos, the wife of the former dictator and president of the philippines, she seems to be an icon for gay Filipinos thanks to her garish style and love for shoes)

pinoy man: hello cutie, can you drop at my place in nonthaburi?????

bangkokbitch: Why, did I forget something?

pinoy man: well not exactly....maybe you'll see something

bangkokbitch: tell me my dear what makes you think i would like to have sex with you?

pinoy man: did i tell you anything about sex? i dont know if u would like it with me

bangkokbitch: hahahaha, what else did you mean? discussing imelda's shoe collection?

pinoy man: well if u are forgetfull of the word "friendship" then i would think thats u are.....and if u cant think of an expression like "no thanks" i would think you never had a chance to educate ur self

pinoy man: hey little idiot are u still alive????????

pinoy man: remember this and take it from me huh....if u cant behave well here in thailand better leave and go home to ur homeland....we all offer friendship here in asia not war and we dont tolerate rude people here....this is land of smiles dont change it! it can never be like germany! EVER!

pinoy man: i hope i can see you in some gay spots here and see your angelic face...IN PERSON, FACE TO FACE

bangkokbitch: relax man.

1. you invited me straight away to your home. for my taste that is too straight-forward

2. you were writing naughty messages. i am not looking for sex.

3. i did no say anything rude. look at my messages. i hardly said anything.

4. why do you have to be racist against white people? if you differentiate people by the colour of their skin and continental origin, YOU are sowing war and not me.

5. why do you have the guts to tell me i should go "home" and judge where my home is?

5. thailand is not the land of smiles (or do you work for the tourism authority?) and I am not german.

As you might have noticed, I have something against people thinking they have the right to fuck someone, especially when they think they can do that by writing ONE cheap "sexy" message. I think it's very rude in fact.
Then, he obviously went bonkers...

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TAO said...

Welcome home BB! :)