Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Belgium - België - Belgique

This morning I arrived in Geneva - late, because two Russian men felt "unwell" in the plane so we turned around in Brussels, as we nearly took off already. They had no bags to be unloaded and also no handbags. Nevertheless, the Russians didnt blow up the EasyJet flight, so I am still alive.

Belgium was quite interesting - contrary to what I thought prior to flying to Brussels. I had in mind: Fries, mayonnaise, mussels, chocolate and....not much more honestly. I ate all of that though - and hence I must come back to Bangkok to lose some weight!!!

The European Parliament in Brussels - huge.

Brussels is quite a nice city. Something between a big little scenic countrytown, a capital of a big state (including the enormous administrative buildings), a glorious proud city with history (all the royal buildings) - all with the sleaze of many homeless people and crime (which I didnt see luckily).

The main square of Brussels in typical European weather.

Then we went on the Flanders, the north of Belgium, where people love to speak Flemish, and just keep speaking it despite my English answers. You can also expect to find ALL signs and descriptions only in Flemish. Luckily, English is quite close, so I understood most.

Plenty of old people - Brugge.

Brugge - THE tourist town of Flanders - and...were disappointed. This town is quaint and cute just like expected, but lacked charme. Busloads of 60+ tourists from all over Europe, overpriced and bad food and European high-street fashion shops (the bad ones) dont do it for me.

Medieval fairytale in Ghent.

Ghent however is much, much better. The centre is a little medieval dream, complete with waterways, castles, churches and the lot. It has a buzz, is not perfect - but quite enjoyable. I also slept in an abbey there, which is an interesting experience.

Belgian fashion (Dries van Noten) and the cathedral in Antwerpen.

Antwerpen is a big boy among the cities. It is probably more cosmopolitan then Brussels (my feeling), is a fashion hotspot, port town with amazing city centre, and world capital of diamonds in one - an interesting spot!

The last night I spent in Leuven, supposedly a buzzing student town. I was bored to death and slept before 10pm.

Nice sunset in Leuven. At least nature is enchanting.

Here in Switzerland, it's bloody raining and half-snowing again, when will this stop? Well at latest on Monday, then, bangkokbitch is finally coming back home again!


Anonymous said...

Ah Belgian chocolates - a long time ago, someone ate some and invented the expression 'to die for'. Best consumed with champagne and a sexy naked man in your bed. - Ian

BB said...

sorry for the strange layout. i messed with the html's....*blush*

belgian chocolate...I must go and try them. i bought many but havent tried:)

but i get headache from belgian beer i noticed;)

nothing i noticed about the belgian men...;) (well, lets see in the next post maybe...hehehe)

Oscar said...

have a nice come back to Bangkok!home sweet home..