Tuesday, March 24, 2009

The new home in Ari and the plumbers...

Nono, HE didnt visit me...

I am now back in Bangkok, for nearly a week. Coming to Thailand after Europe is a bit of a shock of course. Most of my readers will know that in fact. I landed at Subvarnabhumi at about 10pm with the Nanny State Airline. The border control took about 10 minutes as always. It always takes them about 5 minutes to find the Visa and another 5 minutes to stamp my passport.

The lovely boyfriend waited at the airport - ah dont we love these welcomes? He was by far the cutest of the whole bunch of people waiting at the exit...and I was proud that he was waiting for ME!

I love Subvarnabhumi airport. It's a melange of rich hi-so people coming back from a Japan shopping trip, rich students coming back for the holidays from Australia, working-class European single males up to probably some naughty things here, young backpackers from Aussie, Europe, America and Japan, tons of Korean tourgroups with old women wearing huge golf-hats and the odd Thai countryside person (99% a woman with a skirt that is too short).

All in all, a cacophony of rich and poor, West, East, North and South which I have never seen at another airport.

The next morning, I felt extremely foreign. In fact, I felt like exactly a year ago, when I first arrived in Bangkok. Only that I spoke the language (more or less) and knew how to get around. But nevertheless, I had heaps of luggage and needed to take a taxi, in 35 degrees. Like a real tourist...

That feeling of foreignness subsided soon - very soon in fact - and the next day I had a new home, in Ari. I actually live between Ari and Saphan Kwai - a very good location. From here I can venture to the gastro-paradise and hangout-place for the beautiful and rich, ARI, but also to the absolutely solidly Thai middle-class suburb of SAPHAN KWAI.

This situation, much alike bkkdreamer's (since he moved recently) is awesome. Every evening I can choose which side I want to dine or hang out at. So far, I like being served by kathoeys at Yum-Saap in Big C and walking through seemingly 24/7 stands of food in Saphan Kwai just as much as sipping a drink at Iberry in Ari.

So my new place is awesome, I even have a proper bedroom, and therefore I needed to celebrate. I invited a few friends for dinner and me and the boyfriend prepared fingerfood. Bread with cream cheese, salmon and lime. Dark bread with salami, onion chutney and parmesan cheese, salads and tons of fruit.

However, before that, I had to call a plumber, twice!

And the Polish one didnt come either:)

A Plumber - in gay minds, this only leads to one picture. Some topless hot guy with a muscly body coming to "fix" some pipe but you end up doing something else with his pipe...:)

I had three plumbers coming in two days...coming as in paying me a visit not the other thing...

Just before the arrival of my guets at my little party, the tap in the kitchen BROKE OFF. Yes, it just broke off, which resulted in a friggin fountain! The boyfriend was smart and knew how to turn off the water feed within seconds but the kitchen was wet - and we were too!!

The plumbers came within minutes, were not hot, not muscly and not topless, but got me a new tap within 5 minutes. Good job!

The next day, I wanted to do laundry, but alas, the washing machine had no plug, only three fuzzy wires at the end. I called the plumber again. This time a different one. He was a little bit cute, smiled a lot and when he bent over the washing machine, I thought that this must be what many people imagine - and more....

Well, there was no more of that......but moreover a new plug:)


Ray said...

Sorry to be pedantic but as you have mispelled it twice I feel the need to correct you. The airport is Suvarnabhumi and not Subvarnabhumi. Like you I enjpy a good people watching session there.

BB said...

Ray, that is a bit pedantic to be honest. I know how to pronounce it in Thai and that's enough.

We all know that in Asian languages, there are dozens of ways to romanise words.

Like, why is there an "r" suvaRnabhumi?

and why an "i" at the end...?

what counts is the original spelling and pronounciation.