Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nearing Bangkok - in Singapore

I am now in Singapore, waiting for my connecting flight to Bangkok. I cant even remember the last time I did NOT fly Singapore Airlines. I am quite a loyal guy, as you can see:)

I prefer!

There are four reasons why I prefer Singapore Airlines.
1. It flies everywhere I need to go.
2. The service, reliability and cabin is solid and top-notch. You may not get wai-ed 100 times (as in Thai) but the girls (and guys) are polite and EFFICIENT. I like that.

3. I am a member of their frequent flyer programme, which gives me hardly any bonuses, but it still feels good. I am a Silver Star Member now:)

TG has the most beautiful planes and ads, but it's EXPENSIVE!

4. Singapore Airlines is actually quite cheap from Bangkok. At least compared to THAI, which is constantly a few thousand Baht more expensive. I hear from my Singapore friends though that for them, SQ is very expensive...THAI must live (well at the moment they make huge losses) off the Thai officials, businesses, hi-so people and Europeans/Aussies that go to Australia/Europe.

It is apparently the policy of the Thai state that any employee MUST fly TG. When we flew to Europe, our professors had to fly TG. It cost them over 60'000 baht, versus 35'000 for Qatar Airways.
I read yesterday that the employees of the Swiss bank UBS must now choose the cheapest airline for their business travels, in order to save money. I suggest the Thai state calls UBS for some advice...

Oh, by the way, for the ones that know the airport in Singapore a bit, I am in Terminal 2. Recently, since they opened the sparkling new Terminal 3, they distributed the SQ flights according to the destinations.
Europe, North America, Australia/NZ, Japan and Korea from Terminal 3.
Southeast Asia, Africa, Russia, Middle East, India from Terminal 2.
See the difference? They could also write: rich countries: T3, poor ones T2.

What airlines do you like to take to Bangkok? Or from Bangkok to your home countries?


Anonymous said...

Thai Airways on a direct flight to Sydney. Don't need a stopover in the nanny state. They don't like my suitcases stuffed with cute Thai boys. :) - Ian

Anonymous said...

I live in Los Angeles and take Thai Airways to Bangkok. It is the only non-stop flight to Thailand and it is the cheapest. Go figure. Like you, I would take Singapore Airlines if they offered the same flight and price.

BB said...

Hey guys...I see. Thai Airways gets the thumbs up...but friends, believe me, once you live here you will not fly them anymore.
Ian. To fly to Australia, Qantas is cheaper from here. And I suspect Emirates and the like are even cheaper. And what do you transport in your suitcase? babies? or do you mean thai boys on cd's?;) The nanny state airline will do just fine for me - I might even want to work for them!
mister anonymous. Yes you are right, TG from LA is the only direct flight. you could change in korea, japan, HKG etc...but direct is always better (if the price is right:)