Sunday, February 15, 2009

Bye bye home

A year is nearly over since I moved to Bangkok and it is time to vacate my home. It's always quite emotional to take out all the belongings and clean the place. and very odd to see a home, which up until a day ago you have lived in, to suddenly look totally empty, barren and lifeless.
Bye bye Sathorn.

At the end, there's always this sensation of loneliness, when you look around your place for that one last time - and you find the traces of your year-long stay with all the many experiences and memories but in your mind. Your home is not quite your home anymore, it is becoming someone else's.

Watch out for emotions Bkkdreamer when you move place in a couple of days, the nostalgia is out to get us:)...and you have stayed at your old place a bit longer than I have...

In my case it is a youngish Australian, from Perth, who has lived in Bangkok for 8 years and had a Thai passport with him. I dont think it is his - as he could hardly pronounce "Chong Nonsi" (a Skytrain station). He was making jokes about girlfriends....and I always find it hard to believe that people actually think I might be straight. OPEN YOUR EYES!!!

A tribute to my old home - and that gorgeous view I shall never forget.

I am now at my boyfriend's place (he's sleeping peacefully next to me - and now snoring:) until my flight leaves in the afternoon. I'm kinda sad to go away for a month - Bangkok grabs you and doesnt let you go. I miss it even in anticipation of leaving it.

But there should be enough to see, think about and report to you in the next month. Europe shall brace has never seen a bangkokbitch (with 10 Thai (girl)-classmates in kow-tow). It should be FUN!


kawadjan said...

nice pics, bb! the view from your window is definitely stunning and quite memorable.

surely looking forward to your new place as well, no?

but for the mean time, you better werq europe. keep us posted.

Was Once said...

How lovely to watch a budding sentimentalist bloom!
Kisses and good luck at Ari.

Faraway Friend said...

Will you be coming back, just not to the same apartment? That is an incredible view. May you find a new nice view in future!

What is the story about the Australian? You are leaving with him, or with 10 girls? Or do you have to leave because of the Australian? Is there a bun in an oven somewhere??

Enjoy your trip!

BB said...

hello my friends.

i have arrived in winter wonderland!!! im gonna take pictures!!!
yes i'll be back in bangkok. i dont know how to live without missing it already. and i'll be settling in ari.
the aussie is the new renter of my old place and i dont know him...the 10 girls are coming with me on the farangland trip cause it's a "study-trip". we'll meet in 10 days...but i went a bit ahead.