Tuesday, February 17, 2009

winter wonderland

Well, judging from the picture, bangkokbitch is not in Bangkok right now. On the contrary, this morning I went snow shoveling. It trained my abs and arms and it was really cold...

In Bangkok, I missed the snow...but now, I miss Bangkok a bit to be honest...it's so quiet here...

When I was picked up at the airport, there were complaints about how bad the traffic was...but boy it was nothing. I didnt notice that we stood still for a while. We Bangkokians are used to that.

But not quite to the snow here...later today I am going to drive...goodness, it's gonna be fun, driving in the snow. I have a few family members to visit....both grannies and a good fag friend. His boyfriend broke up with him last week so that's a good time for him to meet me...we shall have a fun time.

In the meantime - excuse me, I am jet-lagged and I need to shower and put on my plethora of creams

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