Friday, February 6, 2009

Back to Silom - not quite...

My old Singapore friend, mister louis vuitton hermes comme des garçons is here. At one time, we were a bit close but now I see him as a very good friend. He however, sends out confusing messages. When he's in Singapore he will rave for weeks and weeks about how happy he is to see me - being here, he hardly talked to me. I think he's jealous of my K-pop boyfriend...:)

Anyway, mister louis vuitton blahblahblah took 4 of his friends here and they are going to Hua Hin to celebrate some German guy (with thai boyfriend)'s birthday. yawn yawn.

Ok, the merlions from singapore arrived yesterday and we went to eat out, a very average thai-fusion meal, which was not cheap. And I just need to tell you something I knew all along but that I keep burning myself with. Do not attempt to buy fancy food here, unless it's really high-class. The best Thai food can be found - on the street and in dark little restaurants.

The merlions descending upon Bangkok.

The group of us then went to Silom soi 4. By the time we arrived (11pm), it was empty-ish but the same (old) tired and f*cked up faces were there again. Nothing ever changes in Soi 4 it seems. There are some new joints, especially towards the end of the soi. We sat down in one of them and then the waiter arrived. 30 minutes later I had to hold myself back not to strangle him. He kept wandering around us, drinking beer with us and chatting us up revealing his underwear and talking with this typically ultra gay-thai-moneyboyish voice.....where you come frommmmmmmm? ohhhhhh so you speak (x)-language....that man must know farang inside out especially their dicks.

Ok, I am not much better sadly. After 10 minutes at soi 4 I saw two people I knew. One guy, who actually seemed quite nice when we met but it turned out he is a selfish bitch. I ignored him. Another guy was a guy dressing as a girl with about 7 sarongs, touching his hair about every 5 seconds (my bf keeps wondering WHYWHYWHY girly boys keep touching their hair, can anyone enlighten us?). I used to chat to him. He's actually very nice but we never met.

Yesterday, the merlion group and me went to Suan Lum Night Bazaar for dinner and shopping. It's still one of my absolute favourite place in Bangkok. And if your style is, handsome, trendy gays AND tourists (hong kong, korea, japan, singapore), go THERE!

Then, the merlions asked me to get them a taxi to Surawong Street - and the experienced Bangkokians among us know what they were gonna see. I then went home - at 10pm - because I dont fancy paying watching drugged-up boys fucking each other. Shame on you, Singapore tourists.


Anonymous said...

Be kind to merlions dear. They live in a sexually frustrated nanny state where life's rich tapestry - ie gay life that is tolerated/welcomed - has passed them by. They come to Bangkok to see what they are missing out on and to wonder why they never fled overseas to live. - Ian

BB said...

hmm. Ian you are not un-right.
BUT I am so against the thought that gay life in bangkok consists of a bit of silom and sex shows. eeeeeek.