Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Meeting Bkkdreamer and Kawadjan

Last night, I met fellow bloggers Bkkdreamer and Kawadjan for some whisky, beer, discussions, somtam and laughs. We went to bkkdreamer's new favourite hideout in Pinklao, where the lovely owner khun wirut was ill and not very talkable this time.

Bkkdreamer wrote in his last entry that he met "two prominent members of the Bangkok gay blogging establishment" but really, it is the other way around. bkkdreamer for me is clearly the queen of all gay bloggers of bangkok. No other blogger of prominence can give us an equal feeling of being part of his life, and being part of Bangkok (or Thonburi as a matter of fact).

And whereas other prominent bloggers somehow try to not reveal any information about themselves, Bkkdreamer's posts are getting more and more personal, a fact I really appreciate.

Bkkdreamer is the first person I ever meet through blogs - and he is also the first ever farang friend I have made in Bangkok. I have always wanted to find gay farang friends here in Bangkok but that is not easy.
I feel there is a general lack of online-representation of people like bkkdreamer and me who are not just here to find a Thai boy and call the Sex-bars our second homes.
Sadly, bangkok-based, or bangkok-side travelling gay farang blogs or fora-content is all too often focused on how much a boy is for a night or how to best treat your kept boys.

kawadjan is of course the queen of fashion, style and bitchiness, but also his movie reviews and travel reports ("I dont like bus trips over 1 hours and hate tents") are legendary. He also taught me a lot about las islas and their wonderful people.

guys, I never thought that blogging could be such a rewarding thing to do, and such a good way to meet great people!

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Bkkdreamer said...

Wow! That's very moving, thank you BB. All three of us write personal blogs, in our own way, or try to find a balance between what readers want (the commercial aspect of writing) and what we want to say or record ourselves about our lives here.

We make a good team, the three of the blogosphere, and more importantly, in real life!