Saturday, October 4, 2008

the chinese secret service boy - part 3

Yeah, there IS a part 3.
After having failed to meet two nights in a row, with either him bailing out or me (because of general bitchiness), we met for a dinner date tonight.

I was waiting for the chinese secret service boy in the bus terminal, in my rather funky style clothes and someone turned up wearing an elegant grey shirt and black pants. Shit, I did tell him that I wanted to go to a NICE place but I thought a shirt would have been overdressed... So there he was, the chinese secret service boy, looking quite stunning and having a huge smile on his face - then opening up his arms and giving me a huge hug. That was refreshing and very sweet of him. Then, I presented him with a choice of about 6 restaurants. He doesnt eat thai, and strange!!!

There is light.
We went to the expensive asian-western fusion place that won quite a few national awards. I told him it's expensive but he didnt mind - and neither did I. This is the first time we met in daylight and the first time we walked around together - and it felt quite nice. This was the be a proper date.

Arrived at the restaurant, he commented how good my shirt looks and he even ordered me to stand up and turn around so he could see again. I obliged. We dined for about 2 hours and talked and talked and talked about many many things. Sometimes I would just look at his face, especially his mouth and his very soft looking lips and just watch - while faintly hearing his voice talking about something. (this man likes to talk a lot!!!) We really had a great time, when he suddenly stopped and said: "There are some things I need to tell you." oops, was he married? or does he have a boyfriend? No. "my name is not really xxxx, it's xxxy." I was not shaken; in Thailand everyone has at least two names. And the second thing: "I work as an air traffic controller." Ok, no spy boy he is should we call him now? jacob. He is jacob, that's the first, "not real" name of his. Of course jacob had to annoy me this evening as well, otherwise he wouldnt be jacob. But this time I turned the situation around. Suddenly he started talking to this waitress and asked her to sit with us. They even exchanged phone numbers. Outside, the waitress's boyfriend was waiting for her and jacob said goodbye to her and him and said seomthing about the number. Why did he do that? He IS gay, so he doesnt want to flirt with a girl....I told him. "jacob you realise that your actions can be misunderstood by people?". He rightly detected that I was a bit angry and jealous but also I told him that if I were the waitress's boyfriend i would be really really jealous now. He gave me a hug and said: "awwwww, that's so cute". Then we discussed how he feels much more comfortable talking to girls than to guys and for some reason we were talking about his face and looks. I said: "your skin looks really even" and he blushed. Then he drove me home and we listened to some love songs. He put on his favourite song and stopped at a redlight a bit prematurely, saying "I want you to stay in the car a bit longer so we can finish the song". Arrived at my home, we hugged each other a lot longer and there was a odd moment as to what to do with our heads.

I couldnt stay longer and do more because my good friend, the hong kong glam queen, whose flat I am occupying had to wait for ages for me in order to enter her flat (I had the key......). That was silly of me to forget her, really silly. But apparently my mind was on something (someone) else.

This date was decidedly different from before. We are getting really acquainted to each other. He is a one of these guys that want to be conquered and dont take initiative. I generally dont really like these kind of people, as I am never ever sure as to how much they want to see me. But I do know jacob much better now and I start teasing him. However, my desire to touch him is not growing smaller at all. I am really feeling something for this man, the butterflies are flying joyfully in my tummy and I am happy to experience this feeling. I had forgotten how it feels.

Anyhow, watch this space, we are going to see at least part 4 and probably part 5 too. Tomorrow we are going on a road trip and for tuesday, I asked jacob to come to the airport with me to say goodbye. This will surely turn out to be a bittersweet story.

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You HAVE to kiss him at least once before you leave. - Ian