Sunday, October 26, 2008

relationship “à-la Thaï”

Ok, I have talked about Rachada boy before. We met once at a mall in his area. Then, he was rather enthusiastic, we exchanged pictures on our mobile phone like good teenies do. The day after, he called me: “hey I am waiting at the skytrain station for you.” I was just having dinner with my friends and took it slowly and said: “ok, I will be there in about an hours”. he was waiting at the skytrain like a good boy and had a biiiiig smile on his face when I arrived. We then proceeded to my place – and – no, we didn’t have sex. We just talked and enjoyed each other’s company and exchanged smiles. Then he asked if he can sleep here Friday and Saturday. I said, Saturday is ok. Saturday came and we met at his workplace, Siriraj Hospital. We then made our way to my place and arrived there, he wanted to go swimming. We swam for like an hour and then we got hungry. We went to 7Eleven and got some food to eat. We ate and then he got tired so he went to bed and slept. Then I went to bed too later but he was hardly visible. I mean, I have a big bed but he was that far away from me I had to use the binoculars. I hugged him and he took my hand so I hugged him more. I woke up in the morning and of course he had a hard-on...I tried to help him get rid of it but he didn’t want that. He didn’t really do anything against it but wasn’t endorsing it either. I then just hugged him, which he enjoyed. He didn’t hug back very often though. I asked: “why don’t you hug me?” He: “No feeling”.
Ok, I see. No feeling. That’s why on Thursday he asked me to be his boyfriend (which I didn’t believe though). He then left and just before, we had the following conversation.

ME: hey
Rachada Boy: hi xxx
ME: how are you
Rachada Boy: fine, and you?
ME: Im ok thanks. Ok, I think you don’t care about me anymore...that’s ok.
Rachada Boy: ok.
Me: ....ok...bye...wish you good luck for the future.

Rachada boy walking out of my life.

It’s sad and hilarious at the same time. There he was wanting to be my boyfriend a few days ago and then he just walks off like this. I must say, this is not the first time it happened here in Thailand. And I just want to tell you all. This is not a moneyboy or some kind of poor weird dumb guy. He went to one of the best universities of the country, his family is rich, he has travelled overseas a few times and wears original Diesel jeans and a belt – AND he is not a child – he is 25 years old. Im speechless. But I cant care anymore about this s**t.


Anonymous said...

I think from previous blogs you have a pretty good understanding about Thai men. Just enjoy their company, the sex now and then and if love should turn up, welcome it. But don't expect it with Thai boys. - Ian

bkkdreamer said...

Juat what is it that these Thais expect, apart from money? Surely not all come in search of a father figure.

BB said...

Ian: Thanks...I dont have any expectation anymore. But it's still mind-blowing how odd they act sometimes. I will never have a serious relationship with a Thai, take my word for it. I would go crazy.
bkkdreamer: is that a rhetorical question or are you puzzled yourself?

bkkdreamer said...

Puzzled. I am pleased I have long since given up looking for a Thai mate.

Now that I am happy with my present one, I don't have to look anywhere else.

While I was looking, all I found was misery. They are either possessive-obsessive, or oddly detached and couldn't give a damn.

Many have pressing problems back in the provinces. Oh, My Dad wants me to do younger brother has asked me for that...I send money back very month...I feel a sense of obligation and duty to my family...blah blah.

A Thai guy who talks like that is one who hasn't yet come to terms with the fact that he has now left the provinces and is trying to forge a new life Bangkok.

I have met few Thais from the provinces who fit in to the big city. They carry around a burden of guilt and worry which makes it hard for the rest of us who want to get to know them.

Anonymous said...

Don't despair...there are some jewels scattered around the city.

But yes...that used to happen to me often too. You meet a guy with those "credentials" (the catholic school, Chula or Thammasat, the master overseas, the money,...) and then, when you assume you can at least be friends...then you are confronted with situations like yours...

And people ask me why I dont have thai friends...