Sunday, October 25, 2009

Taxi Bangkok and Absolutely Bangkok

Lately I have developed a bit of a broader interest in blogging. Gay blogs tend to be a bit focused on, well, gay things...

Sometimes I think the personal drama, the newest fuckbuddy-conquests, or gay life in (insert name of the city) can be a bit one-sided, no? Although an exclusively gay-issue blog can be a fascinating, a gripping and fun experience, gay is ultimately just our sexuality....the rest of our identity, behaviour and interests are acquired, and hence could be basically anything.

So, and this is where the circle closes again, we all have pretty broad interests. This also means that we can approach topics from different points of view. The main interest and topic of this blog is of home and love affair:)

Lately, I have come across two blogs, both heavily focused on Bangkok, which, despite blogging for 1.5 years and reading other blogs daily, I have not yet come across.

Absolutely Bangkok

One is rather general, and discusses Thai news. If you want to get news about Thailand, which is not written for political scientists, but rather for generally interested people, go to Absolutely Bangkok.

The real gem of this blog however are discussions about Thai society. I have not found such smart and unpretentious views from "normal" people living in Thailand yet. So, go and see.

Still life in.....ah this title is just too long....lets call it the "BKK taxi blog"

The other blog is something entirely different, and an enormously interesting concept. The blog is called Sill Life in Moving Vehicles. That's a long name, but essentially, the blogger takes pictures ONLY from within BKK taxis, and constructs a little article or story, or a little piece of information around what he sees.

Mostly, the blogger discusses some spiritual issues (since we know how many spiritual things there are in BKK taxis), sometimes it is food, and sometimes it is just a little personal message.

Cute, I think. And very groundbreaking. I was surprised at how much can be written about Bangkok from a taxi point of view....

So my next project would be "the BTS BLOG - BANGKOK viewed from the SKYtrain". Yeah....I wish....


Anonymous said...

Why don't you go ahead and blog about the BTS BLOG - BANGKOK viewed from the SKYtrain? I will certainly become a regular reader, if you write about the Bangkok BTS. I have not seen anyone else doing it. It will interest quite a number of people I think.

BangkokDan said...

Oops, thanks for the kind mention!

BB said...

you are welcome dan...but how come YOU are reading my blog?:)