Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Bf nearly in Korea - meets generous Chinese people

After this brief little eruption of feeling queasy due to watching "Fish Tank", I'll still blog a little bit about the mundane things that happen in my every day life.

The boyfriend is now in Qingdao, North-Eastern China. He will take the ferry to Korea on Saturday. A reader asked why he didnt take the plane from Bangkok.

Well, isnt it great to experience four different means of travel (plane, bus, train and ferry) in one journey? I mean, of course if you want to arrive as quick as possible, hop on that plane and land in Seoul 6 hours later...(yes, that's how long it takes to fly there!!!)

If you have some spare time, why not experience a bit of China? For me personally, China is the most impressive country I have ever been to. I am dying to go back as soon as I can and I envy the bf that he is there now!

Just have a look at the pictures...(I am borrowing them now, I hope he doesnt mind:)


Germany? No, used to be a German colony, apparently...

Qingdao - gorgeous place

Actually, on the train, he met some young Chinese people, who were in the same carriage. They made friends, and when they heard his story with the stolen wallet, they just gave him 500RMB, that's about 80US I think....that is extremely generous, no?

The generous chinese travel companions

I want to add something to the post about my boyfriend leaving bangkok here. It was sweet that so many of you wrote messages of support, as well as their own experiences with long-distance relationships.

However, I think you misunderstood me a bit. A month without boyfriend is of course quite some time, especially if you are used to living together happily, but this is not the main reason why I was so sad.

I lost a little tear, because our time together IN BANGKOK has ended. That means, the time that we shared here, which in my opinion was awesome, came to an end.

Bangkok is a great city to explore, do things, eat, get around, watch movies and live in a nice place. I also have quite a deep sentimental feel for this city, which you probably know already.

This time has now come to an end, and it makes me think that my time in Bangkok will end soon too. I love this place, it is my home and I will be very sad to go. So yeah, a little part of me has gone with the boyfriend, and is now in Qingdao waiting for the ferry to Korea.

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YearAfterYear said...

Now THIS grabs me. Beautiful. I'd like to hear more about that "little tear," because we obviously know there was more.