Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bangkok Traffic Love Story - รถไฟฟ้ามาหานะเธอ

Another movie review....gosh am I becoming "rotten tomatoes" or what?

This time though, it's not a movie that you'll find there. It's a Thai movie and it's a huge hit right now. The English and the Thai title of the movie differ a bit. In English it's simply called "Bangkok Traffic Love Story". In Thai, the literal translation is "The Train is coming to see/get you" (Rot Fai Fa Ma Ha Na Ter). This is a punt on "Maha Nakorn" (Big City/Bangkok in Thai)...

Anyway. I have not been so big on Thai movies so far. They are either set in the country side and feature some sort of village ghost, or then they are scary movies in general (which I dont like, also with ghosts) or they are sappy rom-coms.

This movie IS a rom-com, but it's very cute, that needs to be said right now. I loved this movie. If you love Bangkok and have a soft spot for Thai people, go watch this movie right now!!!

Here is the trailer. It's only in Thai, but you get the idea...by the way, I framed it in pink because I think it suits the movie;)

This movie is quintessentially Thai. It's cheesy and the love-story has its ups and downs for the good part of the movie. BUT, it's actually not as cheesy as in the trailer, it's a really cute story.

Besides, there are three people in this movie I would happily make some space for in my king-size bed - and even in a single bed:) Two of them you get to see in the trailer.

The acting is really good. Especially the girl...I normally really cant empathise with people in love stories, but the girls is so cute and sweet - you gotta love her. The guy is charming and very handsome too...the way they were together was so sweet, it brought back my memories from nearly two years ago, when I really yearned for a Thai love experience.

Finally, this is a real Bangkok-movie. It is exactly what I expect from a movie that's shot in Bangkok. It's made by Bangkokians, with Bangkokians, for Bangkokians. Unlike the "Mammoth", which I reviewed in my last post. That was a movie partly about Bangkok made for farangs.

There is the Skytrain with several stations I all know very well, especially the exchange at Siam. There are the taxis. There is the boat on the Chao Phraya and also some fabulous views of Wat Arun. There's the commuter minivan. There's even the songtheaw.

If I can give you one last recommendation: go watch it with someone you can cuddle during the movie - and take some tissue with you!


Leon Koh said...

the movie clip is cute!
will go watch it

nice blog you have.. a hello from singapore!!

Anonymous said...

After I read your review, I saw this a week ago with my boyfriend when I was in Bangkok. It's really funny and sweet, and the long distance part was something the boyfriend and I can relate to.

Lurker Ryan

Red said...

I really love this movie. I watched it with my boyfriend well not in the movie house but just in youtube.

Its so cheesy and i really liked it.

By the way, same as you... I really love thai's as well.

Anonymous said...

just watched this movie twice... hahaha...

vancitlive said...

hai, i love the movie.. do you know where i can get the info on the soundtrack list?