Sunday, July 27, 2008

bangkokbitch and some seoul impressions

Well here we are darlings, the bitch of bangkok is checking out Seoul. Well, we all knew before already that the bangkokbitch ADORES Korea and everything Korean from kimchi, to movies to its language and of course, the male gender and its lovely species that seem to be not very sparsely distributed over the little peninsula.
Well, first of all, Subvarnabhumi was 1000 times more boring than normal, no thai hotties and not even glitzy moneyboys and their farang daddies to bitch about. Instead, there were complaining old women from New Zealand and plenty of other Europeans including the on average about 70 years old KLM flight attendants, so bangkokbitch owned the airport with her brown jeans, yellow stripe shirt, and brown bag.
Of course, in our plane, we had the beautiful and outrageously elegant Korean Air flight attendants - gotta love that light blue outfit, although next time I might wanna try Asiana - they even look more elegant.
So, in Seoul - it's really hot and humid but still, bangkokbitch and his Thai companions paraded around the centre of Seoul camwhoring and also a little bit of shopping but most of all - to observe these Korean men. Koreans are not easy to flirt with as first of all way less people are openly gay then in Bangkok but also because they seem to be more self-confident and it doesnt seem to be part of their culture to pick up people in the skytrain, in the mall, in the toilet of Silom Complex as things happen in Bangkok. Also, soooooooooo many guys are with girlfriends here you'd think that the Korean Government has issued some kind of law that requires couples to hold hands.

BUT, and most importantly, these men are hothothot (how many more hots do I need to put?) Now maybe they are not quite Siam Square wearing a ton of make up and gel but they seem to thrive off their natural beauty - and not some kinda packaging. And that's the thing I totally admire with these Korean men. They have a soft manliness that is accentuated in their low and sonorant voices, the broad shoulders and quite muscular arms yet their features are still quite -soft - G-E-O-R-G-E-O-U-S!

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