Sunday, July 20, 2008

malaysia truly asia?

The last three days, the bitch of bangkok rushed off to the south to see what Kuala Lumpur has to offer. Actually, BB mainly went there to see two of her long-time Malaysian chat partners, the lost londoner and the purple kid. An additional motivation was the ever-ever-ever lasting slogan of Tourism Malaysia that finally caught up with me too that apparently Malaysia is truly Asia. Now since BB does enjoy the look of many Asian PLUs (Malaysian and Singaporean term for "people like us", meaning "gay". MY and SG people have to be a bit more cautious seemingly since being gay is not really allowed there theoretically), she had to go and see for herself.
So what about the fabulous promises of being the crème de la crème of the asiatic world?

Well, the men are actually really hot. Not a bad mix at all here in the city of the towers of the national petrol company. Malaysian Chinese PLU's may not have the edginess and raw manliness of the Japanese, the elegance and style of the Koreans, the sheer hotness of the Taiwanese and the unachieved grace of our own Thai darlings but it also isnt as materialistic as Hong Kong and Singapore (take that you city bitches, BB doesnt like gym-trained bodies just because you are too vain to go out and get dirty!!!!) - and, for practicality's sake, most people here speak good english. Malays however would be more suited to the gentlemen among us who like darker skin and more exotic features - and, according to an experienced source from Penang, are very very raunchy in bed (talking about the guilt-factor of Muslims when having sex with other men!!!). The BB for herself hasnt tried any Malays though. BUT she was given the best orgasm ever by the purple kid, who treated her in a such gentle, soft and knowing yet incredibly hot way that her hands and head actually tingled until at least ten minutes after reaching the orgasm...stunning!!! The lost londoner on the other hand turned out, as expected and hoped as a great person and friend (at this stage...) and these friends, we all know can be more valuable than anything else in life...

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