Saturday, July 26, 2008

bangkokbitch in seoul

Lately, the bangkokbitch has been working it like crazy. She's been shopping, shopping and shopping again for her trip to Seoul since the hot Koreans up there in the far north need to be impressed with Thai fashion! Also, the bangkokbitch went to Silom Soi 4 again last night. It was the same old and she is so bored with it she will ditch the venue soon.
However, the company by the name of the bamboo diva kept the bangkokbitch busy as always and they completely owned the place. Chimney man from last week was not wearing black anymore but some indescriptive pink s**t, I dont even know why people talk to him. His voice was hurling around like a siren and he was disturbing two perfectly nice tourist gay couple gentlemen in their 30s, easily decipherable by their gay look (the tacky one that is with tight colourful singlets straight out of the 90s, 3/4 shorts that nicely emphasised their already too skinny legs, short hair, glasses and some ear ring thingie). Anyway, they were probably lovely but they ignored chimney man so that's good.
Also, there was a group of moneyboys with their hilarious looks, some even not looking that bad but their face completely run down from overdosage of either cigarettes, drugs or (probably) both.
Bamboo diva and bangkokbitch however had to share the glory of the biggest divas with hunchback waiter who is skinny, has a countrysidy look but just has an incredible face and a wonderfully dismissive tone when he speaks. His posture however....he better learn from the cheekbones waiter. That guy is so young he was only just cut his ombelical cord by the doctors the other day. Nevertheless, his nonchalance is unprecedented and his face - just a dream. He doesnt seem to know it though.
Now, the bangkokbitch is off to Seoul, the soul of asia and the absolute olympus for hot men.

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