Wednesday, July 16, 2008

silom on a wednesday

Yesterday, BB and his two darlings, the bamboo diva and princess juliana met up in Silom - for drinks. The roads that led us there couldnt be more different though - whereas BB came from Rama IX area where he met up with the Badminton Sixpack for dinner at an Isan restaurant that seems to attract kathoeys in hordes, princess juliana got a blowjob in a toilet in a mall in Silom with a policeman jerking off in the next cubicle.

Nevertheless, we did all end up together at a lovely table with three bottles of Beer Lao and many fags in front of us.

Bitches and divas like us have to love Silom because there are many many many people of our kind parading up and down the street and sois, dancing in the clubs, sitting on the side of the street, in the cafes, giving massages and other touches to eager (read: horny) men, boys selling sex-dvd's and many many other people selling everything from edgy clothes to fake watches, cheap ties and everything else one can think of - every night - and day. It's not quite all gay though, as the major straight pleasure-zones of Patpong Soi I and II are also not too far from the centre of the world for our kind. However, for people who love cock, Patpong is about as famous as the capital of Swaziland. So lets not talk about Patpong.

The scene in front of us as we were sipping our extremely over-the-top sweet Beer Lao 's was much the same as on any given night in Soi 4. The word that best describes the athmosphere is "lurking". Everyone is lurking. Lurking for what...? Of course for money and sex depending on which side you are on...Except BB and his two darlings. We were having the time of our lives, like every time we meet - and thus attracted a fair bit of attention, which is good. Though, in the middle of one of our bitching, we were interrupted by something that looked like a chimney boy, (think more of the clothes than anything else) shouting to a lone farang " i liiiiiiiiiike youuuuuuu". I can not forget the stinging voice of that creature and the cheapness of how he was digging at the clueless farang. I bet the chimney boy was on drugs - or desperately in need of money - as he was shuffling and walking and looking and LURKING around like a hypernervous and hungry tigress in black chimney boy fashion.
Today and tomorrow, there seems to be an invasion of divas in Malaysia as all of us, the bamboo diva, princess juliana and BB are drifting south for a bit of a change and a breath of fresh air (and maybe men).
Lets see if Malaysia is truly Asia.

Something reminiscent of the chimney boy who only had one thing in mind.

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