Wednesday, August 13, 2008

i love you

well well well, the l-word. yesterday, someone said the l-word to bangkokbitch. and it was not a pleasant moment nor does anyone feel festive, happy or anything like that. anyway, the context first. in class, there are very few men and most of these are gay. experienced gays like us know/can feel this quickly. Anyway, recently on the trip to Seoul, one classmate got along particularly well with bangkokbitch and they became relatively close friends. bangkokbitch, as fabulous and outgoing as she is let EVERYONE, including the lost teddy (classmate), know who she thought was hot and who not. Anyhow, bangkokbitch thought why the lost teddy was always eyeing her and not the Korean boys...this all happened under the pretext of "it's interesting for me to see who you are looking at..." Alright alright, the lost teddy is only discovering the gay world so lets discover him. Then, yesterday, the mobile rang, the lost teddy wanted to come and see bangkokbitch about an essay and would be there in 5 minutes!!! comes the lost teddy and bangkokbitch explains about the essay. Then the lost teddy says: I need to tell you something. I love you. BANG!!! the l-word!!!! how long have we not heard this word? For about a decade I think. Then, the lost teddy asked if "we can do something"........nononononononononono. that's not how it works. Asking for someone to love them and then also asking if it's possible to have sex is not done in the twenties anymore....maybe when we are 15....Sorry for being cynical but it was just too much. Stay tuned how bangkokbitch tries to get rid of the lost teddy's hungry eyes while still staying friends...

just on a sidenote, it was also the lost teddy's birthday yesterday. tough luck.

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one twenty five said...

oh dear, the lost teddy has found the bangkokbitch as the ideal hands to cuddle and stroke him. i wonder how this unfolds. can't wait for the next episodes, dear. meanwhile, jai yen as much as you can.