Sunday, August 17, 2008

the death of romance

Today, I realised that romance is dead.

well, it's not all quite so dramatic. but this is a scary realisation. Once in a while, I do ask myself - what is missing? where has the excitement gone? where have the butterflies gone? why is it actually nothing special to have sex with someone? why do i want to dispose of people as soon as the cum is dried? why dont i want to see people anymore after the first meeting and/or sex?
I do sincerely think that romance is dead in gay bangkok. I have seen enough of gay bangkok now. it's all about height, weight, top, bottom, pictures, large size dick, poppers yes no?, condom yes no?, my place your place?, where you live?, how long you here?, where you from? can we meet tonight? when are you free?

I want to break this circle and the swirl of silom/gayromeo/fridae and all these classifications and patterns. lets reintroduce romance, proper dates, walks, sightseeing, relaxing, hugging, KISSING, heads on someone's shoulder, candle light, a cruise, a weekend trip, a sports game and a photo shot walk in the neighbourhood to bangkok and my life.

Imagine two guys here pls.

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