Monday, December 7, 2009

I will miss...

And here I am, sitting in front of the computer with a bottle of scotch whisky finishing it up straight from the bottle. That might be a metaphor.

I am also finishing up my stay in Bangkok. Arrived on the 20th of March 2008, leaving on the 10th of December 2009, something like 21 months in Bangkok. As you might have noticed I am leaving with a heavy heart. I fell in love here, not just with my boyfriend again but also with a city and its people.

I am not a good "good-bye-sayer" but this good bye has been so slow it is not affecting me so much anymore right now. First the boyfriend left two months ago and since then, nothing was like it was before with him. Then, sadly a few days too early, my dear friend Kawadjan left too, without whom Bangkok is a bit dull.

Now, I am having friends coming day by day to pick up things I do not need anymore. Surprisingly, despite so much stuff leaving my condo, it still doesnt look empty...

*gulp* more sip from the whisky.

So what's next? I am flying to New Zealand for graduation this thursday. There, I will meet my parents who are already there holidaying for a few days. Then, we head to Switzerland (with a 23 hour stopover in BKK) where we meet the boyfriend again. I will spend Christmas in Switzerland with the whole family this year, for the first time in 6 years. And....with the boyfriend too.

After that, I am moving to Australia...looking for jobs at the moment. That's the next few months in a nutshell.

Bangkok however does not feature in my plans. Even though part of me always remains here of course, I can not continue this blog. It would not make sense.

I think this blog has been very tied to Bangkok. People who read my blog want to know about Thailand, about Bangkok and probably also specifically about gay life in Bangkok. A "Bangkokbitch" can not blog from Sydney, so this will have to end.

I must say I had an absolutely amazing time blogging. It takes much more time than I thought but I really have to thank Kawadjan from motivating me to start my own blog.

Blogging is about saying something for me. People who have something to say, should do so, and blogs are perfect for that! I have always seen my blog as a mix of personal stories, which were a bit naughty at first and became a bit toned down (like my real life too) later on.

Then, there were some opinions mixed in. They were not always appreciated because I probably insulted a few people. Im sorry for that but when people have opinions, that can happen. A blog is not here to appease people but to state opinions too, even in a gay-themed blog.

I couldnt say what was the biggest "high" of this blog, because every reader will pick out something he (or she) likes the most. Some liked pictures of boys, others liked the naughty stories, most liked personal stories, some liked opinions and bitching and others also liked my travel writings.

And that was the beauty of the blog and blogging in general. It's like the ultimate free market. You can consume for free if and whatever you want. If you dont like it, you can go away within a split-second. You can even leave instant feedback.

For the writer, I find blogging an amazing opportunity too. If you manage to get a few readers you can reach their minds within minutes by writing down your thoughts. And unlike in facebook or twitter you can actually write them out properly. You can also upload pictures and be creative in whatever you want to do.

I personally really enjoyed this and I know that I will continue to blog somehow and somewhere. I am not sure if I will link a possible new blog to this. Probably not but who knows. I must admit, I started liking the name of my blog less and less. It is a fun name and very sticky. People tend to not forget it I think.

But, it distracts from the essence. More than once, people commented and wanted to make a point, but then stepped back and said something like: "oh but you are the bitchofbangkok so maybe that's part of the game or character you are playing".

I tried to play a character at first but I must admit I cant do that. I didnt fake feelings or opinions, I was always myself. What you saw is what I am and I always wrote what I was thinking.

So, I want to say thank you to all the reader that have been loyal. I immensely enjoyed my time and without public, this time would have been wasted. Please keep faithful to my blogger friends and if you feel like it, open one too. It's definitely worth the investment!

For now, I want to say goodbye and if you still want to keep in contact with the old bitchofbangkok, follow me on Facebook. If you want to be in contact with the real me, write me an email. The email is on the top right of the blog.

Have a good time in Bangkok everyone, I will never forget this time!


teacherbob2 said...

bkk will be here if you choose to visit or even work here at some point but you are at one of the biggest change points in life...... from school to work. school really does not prepare you for work. expect to have it take a huge toll on your social life and personal time. work is huge and consumes most of your day and will for years. eventually it balances. in the meantime enjoy Oz and I hope it all works there for you. We who remain here and work will miss you, hope you can blog a bit from there.

samart said...

Leaving Bangkok, bitchofbangkok may retire. But life will continue. Therefore I look forward to your new blog: Me and boyfriend in Australia - and I wish you all the best for this upcoming new chapter in life!

John said...

Best of luck to you! Enjoyed the ride!

Anonymous said...

Dearest BitchofBangkok!
I will miss your blog about Bkk but wish you all the best on your next journey in life!
Your blog has been most entertaining and insightful and I for one will be sad that you will leaving Bkk!
All the best
Ommi xx

BB said...

Thanks to you for people for the lovely words!

I must agree very much with you bob. I am scared for the first time in my life...I have no idea about my future. it's a challenge. and a much bigger one than I ever thought.

Thank you samart, John and Ommi too. It's amazing to know what something we can write in blogs is appreciated by so many people.

BB said...
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Sepiroth said...

It has been fun looking at BKK through your eyes, I will certainly take some of your advices about how to live in BKK. Best of luck in Sydney and finding a job. It is a great city, I do miss it sometimes but it will be a long time before I go back (sigh).

Anonymous said...

It has been nice to read your blog and about your life. Hope you have great future in Australia =)

JR said...


I also have enjoyed your blog very much. I really hope you continue to blog and are willing to pass along the web address of your new one. Good luck BB and happy holidays.


P.S. Should I send you an email to receive the web address of your new blog assuming you decide to write one?

Me too? said...

I already miss your writing :-)!

vanja said...

Although i didnt always agree with your opinions i will surely miss your blog.Sadly many blogs i followed have ended in last few months and now yours too...I wish you and your bf all the best in Australia...Vaya con Dios!

Gossip Girl TS said...

we will miss you Chris...see you in Australia - Gossipgirl