Thursday, December 3, 2009

A hot Swiss

Many people would say there are no hot Swiss people, there are only nice and boring Swiss people. Nice and boring this man on the pictures below may be, but he is really good looking I think.

This man is called Stephane Lambiel and is a twice World Champion in figure skating. Is that ringing an alarm bell? Yes I quickly looked at a few pictures of figure skaters and I think they are nearly all gay...

Lambiel is everybody's darling in Switzerland. Old grannies love him because he's a nice, smart and softly-spoken guy. I think they wish they would have son, grandson like that. I am not sure if young girls (and of course guys) like him too, but I do.

He's never publicly come out with a girlfriend and there have been rumours about him being gay. Lets put these aside, I am sure that this young man (he's 25) IS gay.

Do you agree?

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Anonymous said...

Lambiel is awesome! He's 10x hotter skating a program than in still photos. Gay or not the man knows how to move!!