Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Winter in Bangkok, No Loy Krathong for me

Wow, I am sitting here in my condo with the windows open and a cool breeze running over my skin. It's so nice! I didnt have that feeling in months. Last night, I slept without the aircon, for the first time in months too. I just left the sliding door to my balcony open.

Bangkokians are loving the arrival of winter. Literally all my Thai friends on facebook and on twitter comment on how they love the cool breeze. People who live in colder countries might now think we are crazy, but the hot weather here is actually not just fun.

I went out to Siam last night, and saw that a lot of people are layering their clothes already. Ah, the fashion conscious Bangkok kids. Not missing the opportunity to show off their cute jumpers or jackets a few times a year. The guards at my condo also wear heavy jackets and complain about the cool...

By the way...we are talking about 22 degrees here, and a bit more during the day.

All the other bloggers wrote about their Loy Krathong festival. I can too, but mine was not fun at all. I tried to meet my fellow blogger from Las Pilipinas, Kawadjan himself with his Pinoy gang.

This year, they decided they wanted to go to Chulalongkorn University for the celebration. I have also heard it's nice there so we were meant to meet there around 7pm. It was packed, like really packed.

The famous Thai organisation skills also added to the chaos - they only opened two gates of 2metres width for thousands of people to enter AND exit the campus. There was chaos, and pushing and an old lady pushed so hard into me, I suddenly thought she stole my wallet. At this moment I was actually SURE she stole me wallet, so I ran out of the crowd to check my bag.

At this stage I had my phone in my hand. I found my wallet and was really, really relieved. I didnt really fancy calling my credit card offices overseas and lose all sorts of other souvenirs and cards I have in my wallet!

In this moment I must have done something with my phone. I think I put it down on the ground. No idea, but it was not there anymore when I got back 5 minutes later. I went to MBK straight away, to check out new phones. Hahaha, my reaction was so immediate.

But I couldnt meet my friends because there's no way in finding friends in such a busy event. No Loy Krathong for me, but the boyfriend is away anyway, so it wouldnt be so romantic...

I did finally get a new phone yesterday. But lost all my contacts, so all my old "friends" from my more active single times are now deleted. That's ok though...

I am not sure if readers liked the series on my past. It was a bit long I must admit. The main purpose was just to show readers "my story". I always think it's interesting to hear or read about the way a gay person grows up, finds out about his own interests, not just sexual but also emotional. The first gay kiss, the first love, the first pain and how we deal with it.

In my case, the family, especially mum has been very sweet with me. I am thankful I can talk to her about problems, but often wish they would all live a bit closer to me...or I a bit closer to them rather!

The reader's reactions have been cold. There wasnt much feedback and only one person bothered to write a bit about their own story. That's ok though. I understand.

When I read other blogs, I dont have the energy to comment anymore. I dont know why but I just dont feel like contributing to an argument or making a point anymore. It's a bit ironic, because we all like to get a lot of comments on our posts, yet we dont comment on other blogs...

I did see on Google Analytics though that the time people spent on the site was much higher than before. 3 minutes is the average that people spend on my blog, before it was 1 minute. Not very much considering the effort that has to be put into the blog.

Thank you anyway to all the loyal readers, and I hope you did enjoy reading some of my experiences and the few pictures I added too. That meant a lot to me actually.


Anonymous said...

Hey BB
Nice blog and thanks for sharing your personal story!

I log onto your blog (also Kawadjan/BkkDreamer) everyday and I know this sounds strange but you seem to be more like my friends than total strangers (its OK I am NOT a stalker or anything like that!!!)

Your thoughts / experiences in Bkk are sometimes what I go through in HK with my western partner so its good to get your perspective on a situation as I sometimes have NO idea what my b/f is thinking of half the time even though we have been together for a long time.

Keep up the great work and hopefully I will bump into you guys on one of my trips to Bkk!

Take care
Ommi xx

BB said...

Thank you so much for your comment Ommi.

It's nice to see that apparently we can form some sort of bond between reader and writer.

Do you want to tell us some of the experiences or problems that you run into with a Western partner in your life? I wonder how they are reflected in my blog...

Haha, chose the spots where I hang out daily and you are bound to meet me:)


silicon farang said...

I really enjoyed your 'growing up' series. Such background does help some of us readers feel a bit closer to you the blogger.

BB said...

thanks mister silicon....

it would probably be better to introduce things step by step, but I felt like writing it all up in one go...

Anonymous said...

I guess one of the challenges my b/f has is the 'face thing' in Asia. As you know we seem so unemotional in a public situation as we are so non-confrontational that he gets upset that I do not speak my mind even if I know the other person is in the wrong.
Just one example..... I am sure there are hundreds more!

I am planning to hang out on my next trip to Bkk at Paragon/Siam/Central World and maybe one or two Silom Bars just to bump into you guys!

Take care and keep up the blogging!

Anonymous said...

last post from Ommi

Christian said...

Your personal story was/is (I hope it's not finished yet?) very interesting.