Monday, November 9, 2009

Arrived in Seoul

The area where we are staying

Well, what I can tell you so far from staying there for two days is that there are plenty of them around. In fact, they are EVERYWHERE! The boyfriend and me attract quite a bit of curiosity from gays. They are quite curious about this farang-korean couple it seems. And they are actually quite open about it too. This is a bit surprising to me. When I was alone the last two times, I did not attract any interest.

Either I looked ugly then, or I didnt go to the right places, or I was not obviously a gay person. Now however I am and the interest is there. One more thing about Korean men: they are simply gorgeous. Someone should have told me before I moved to Thailand, but I am sorry I prefer the Seoulites...They have clearer and sharper faces, and are a bit on the taller and broader side than the Thais. And....they have style.

This is another thing I didnt notice the last time. In fact I was disappointed. But dressing up is really in fashion here. A very popular style is a black casual jacket with a buttoned shirt and jeans. niiiiiice. plenty of variety too. And there are now a lot more fashion stores too. I love the winter fashion here. Sadly, it's all a little expensive....and it slightly pisses me off to see people younger than me shopping casually in expensive shops.

One more thing about Korean men. I am afraid but my gaydar is sometimes really failing me here. It's blinking too much, when it should not. In fact, I am not sure....because I can not believe how feminine Korean guys act sometimes. There are ads with handsome men wearing pink clothes, jumping around waving their hands. It's just so.....GAY! But no, they have a girlfriend, and even carry her handbag! Today, I spotted one checking his hair throughly in the mirror while the girl was shopping for clothes.

Now who knows what this all means. Perhaps there is a little repressed girl in "oh-so-many" straight guys in the West too, or maybe some of these Korean men are in the closet and get totally dominated by their woman. We do not know, but i'll try to observe more.

Lotte World inside

Today, the boyfriend and I went to Lotte World. That's a theme park, similar to Disney World. Most is under a giant glass roof and I really can not believe how many rides and other things they can fit under a roof! I must admit I am not big on theme parks, but the boyfriend loves them. I did tell myself not to disappoint him and go on some quick rides. The first one was a balloon ride around the whole territory just under the roof. Nice!

Then, we chose the fastest ride next. I twas called "French Revolution", who knows why....It didnt look so quick. BUT IT WAS!!! It started off relatively easy, but then suddenly we went down 180 degrees....and left and right and around and upside down and gosh, my hair must have looked terrible! My head was spinning from then on and relaxed only hours later. But it was fun! The theme park was kind of odd, because all the rides and buildings had some sort of European ancient theme, where they deliberately mixed stone age, baroque, middle ages and who knows what. As long as it's a bit European. The rest was a weird mix of Egyptian and Arab design, with some monkeys eating bananas and playing the drums and some black man with huge eyeballs playing the trumpet (not real, just for show). It was on the border of racism sometimes.

Lotte World Outside

One thing I really loved about Lotte World was the "waving policy" for the employees. There was no bowing and wai-ing, there was only waving. Buying a ticket? Gamsahamnida (Thank you) Wavewavewave. You are going on the ride? Gamsahamnida. Wavewavewave. It was really cute. A wave with all the movement coming from the wrist....Again, it looked really gay actually. I did have a feeling most of these attendants were gay, because after all, smiling the whole day, waving and helping people is what we are good at, right?


JR said...

HI, there! It's been a long time since I posted a comment. I'm the one who used to live in KOrea and told you one of the actors from Antique Bakery is gay. Anyways, I'm glad you're having a great time in Korea. You're right, the men ARE GORGEOUS! As for gaydar, mine has gotten me in trouble before! I remember when I was at a bar with a friend and this Korean guy was there with two girls (this was not a gay bar). He kept eyeing me and we ended up in the bathroom at the same time, chatted for 30 minutes inside, exchanged numbers and made a date for two nights later near the same spot. On the night of the date we met and had some dinner followed by many, many bottles of soju (if you don't know what that is ask your boyfriend to buy some for you! ;) ). He then proceeds to ask me if I have a Korean girlfriend and if I think KOrean girls are beautiful! What!? I tell him I thought we were on a date. Haha Turns out he just wanted to make a foreign friend but was completely open-minded about me being gay. That was two years ago and we've remained friends ever since. The point I'm trying to make is that Korean man are feminine and unless it is blatantly obvious, you just might not know who is really gay.

Anyways, I look forward to more stories about your trip in Korea. I left it less than 3 months ago and miss it very much along with my Korean boyfriend who is now serving his mandatory military service.

I also really enjoyed the stories of your life growing up and spent much more than 3 minutes reading your blog. :) Please tell us some stories of staying with your boyfriend's family, ok? I met my boyfriend's mother about 3 months ago. Officially she doesn't know we're a couple although she has asked my boyfriend a few times if we were. Even though she wonders, she also demanded I stay at her home and treated me just like her own son.

Anyways, good luck and I really can't wait to hear more about your trip. Take lots of photos of KOrea and post them; I really miss the country.


BB said...

Hey JR.

Indeed I do remember you....thanks for leaving a comment. I'll be here for another 10 days so it wont be the last story...

Yes the gaydar is difficult. I do assume though that if a gay eyes both of us from head to toe, there must be something...we are obviously a couple and I havent seen any foreigner and Korean couple so far. (I am sure there are some though)

Good luck on your must be hard if you have to wait for him to finish the silly military service...mine is not Korean citizen so he doesnt have to do any of this.

Christian said...

Korean vs. Thai men: I regularly attend a hetero-disco at my unversity for the eye-candy. It's for international students, so there are loads of Chinese, and last time I counted eight ranging from cute to stunning. At DJ-station (and in the gogo-bars and in the streets of Bkk), I had problems finding my type. I know about ten Malaysians (in real live and online), half of them are bedworthy (not enough statistical backgroung for generalization, I hope I can get a broader overview from a planned visit to Kuala Lumpur in January). So I'm a bit confused about where I can find my type.

Straight men acting gay: A labmate (born in UK, his parents are Indian, he doesn't know (yet) that I'm gay) of mine has pink underwear with hearts printed on it and he wears it in a way it's visible. I told him that I think only gays and girls wear pink underwear, he responded his girlfriend bought these for him and he likes them.