Thursday, February 25, 2010

New Blog "Asia in Australia"

Since I moved out of Bangkok a few months ago, I have decided to shut down this blog. As it goes with blogging, it can be addictive. I had always thought that eventually, I will start a new blog.

Now, the new blog is born and the baby goes by the name of "Asia in Australia".

The blog is still very young, but it slowly taking shape. I encourage you to visit and have a look.

The content is very different from before, as I try to find a more serious voice and a different point of view. It might be less personal, but I hope through my picture-taking, I can still bring some personal flavour to the new blog.

So, I hope you can make the move with me. From Bangkok to Australia, but never totally leaving my favourite area of the world, Asia, out of sight.


Anonymous said...

I thought you had given up blogging. I am glad to see you back.

bitchofbangkok said...

Well.....not given up on blogging as such....but given up on this blog:) But I wanted to publish the link so people (like you) who've followed me before can still do it.


Anonymous said...

Dear Heidi/BitchofBangkok
I have missed you!!!
Welcome back(ish)to update us on your blogs and thoughts.
I am sure you will have a great time in Sydney and that you will also have loads of Asian encounters there.
Looking forward to your new adventures and views!
Ommi xx

Anonymous said...

I love your blog name!

I'm loving your blog. Will definitely be following.

Check out mine, I think you'd like it.

I'm loving your blog.

bitchofbangkok said...

that's an interesting blog name too, ms boyfriend shopperette...

but you do know this blog has been discontinued? sorry to bring the bad news...we all go through stages in life:)

thank you for the compliments anyway:)

Boonsong said...

Sorry to see this blog finish - but pleased that you've not given up on blogging

Pattaya Girls said...

the new blog seems to be all about racism in oz this one was far more fun.

bitchofbangkok said...

thank you boonsong...i like your blog!!!

pattaya girls.

no it isnt. reading the title of the first blog entry doesnt mean you know what the blog is about.

Angel** said...

I really liked the blog. The way you talk is very strong and your experiences turned your blog really cool.