Tuesday, August 25, 2009

A few gay stories

Well, I live in Bangkok, so there are bound to be a few gay stories and little events, flirts, looks and smiles every day.

Last weekend, the bf and me went to JJ market to get some clothes for him for when he goes to Korea soon. When he will be there, it will be autumn so the shirts we wear here in Bangkok are not warm enough.

He got himself a stripy moneyboy-style sweater (but looks much better in it than the moneyboys:)))) and an uber-hot black Japanese-style bomber jacket.

We seemed to have been THE attraction of the fashion area of JJ, because just about every other gay was looking at us. Obvsiously we were a couple, and as a Northeast Asian/Farang couple, we actually get a lot of attention here in Thailand.

There was one moment where we both went into a shop - probably because of the seller. He was tall, skinny, had very dark skin but a nice, cute, friendly face. My bf prefers the countryside look and darker skin to the pale hi-so Thais, and frankly, I like that look too!

Awkwardness ensued when he tried on a shirt and the seller didnt know whom he should smile at more, the bf, or me.

On Monday, I went to the gym in my condo - to exercise a bit. I have lately taken up exercising. On most days I will either go and play badminton, or stay home and exercise in the condo.

Usually I will do some weights, sit-ups and then go on the cross-trainer for 20 minutes. And of course, in these 20 minutes I will everything I have...

After that I usually go swimming to relax a bit. For swimming, I usually just take off my sports shorts and go in in my briefs. As I was doing exactly that, a Chinese-Thai in his late 20s (or so) was watching me extensively.

He then proceded to swim next to me all the time and stop where I stopped. After 10 minutes of this silly game, he provocatively went into the sauna.

Of course I didnt follow, what would I do in there with him? Anyway, he was wearing an "old-Japanese-man-style" swimsuit. Black, straight-cut and too long speedos that is.

I couldnt even see his endowment, so I went to have a shower and up to my apartment.

Usually, my way home from university goes the following way. Walk 10 minutes to BTS National Stadium. Catch BTS Silom Line until Siam BTS. Go one floor up to the platform to the Mor Chit train. Get off at Ari BTS. Take the bus two stations and walk 3 minutes home.

This is quite an interesting little trip every time. Everyone who has taken the BTS before knows that the passengers of these trains are mainly office ladies, rich school kids from the good universities and high schools, a few tourists and of course also male, mostly office workers.

There is quite a lot to see in general in terms of handsome men of course...

When I get on the bus, different story. Most of these people are lower-middle to low class people, notably darker in their skin colour and they are often a bit surprised to see a farang on the non-aircon buses.

Yesterday, I rode the bus with a young policeman. I live opposite the police station and near an army base, so there are a lot of uniformed men around at all times. If you like that, it's a good thing:)

The young policeman was a gentleman. He saw I was getting off at the same stop as I did, he pushed the bell for me and even though he was also getting off and standing at the door way before me, he let me get down first, with multiple huge, and actually really cute smiles.

I hope he has to punish me one day for being naughty...:p


Christian said...

I like uniforms, but only camouflage (doesn't have to be a full uniform, T-shirt or shorts is enough), but no unicolour uniform (no matter how many stripes and accessories attached).

prkmk said...

and you are such a flirt! hehehe I love that...

BB said...

christian: you seem to have pretty well-defined desires...

prkmk: ;) am I? *blush*

Anonymous said...

haven't you been punished enough by his multiple, huge smiles? It was almost like a "├┐ou can see but cannot touch" thing...

BB said...

not at all...he had nothing else in mind but admiring me:)